On Schedule, Students Abysmal Performance, And Property...

Almost all of the instructors at SIBS are full-time workers serving in various congregations around here. Some even work with more than one congregation – that means they also work with other congregations to mature them through teaching and preaching, including periodic leadership training. These instructors almost have to travel a considerable distance to teach at SIBS. Such a tight schedule puts additional strain on these preachers who teach classes at SIBS.

However, it is gratifying to note that, although it has been very challenging in some quarters, during this period the instructors were on schedule and completed their classes on time.

A notable instance is the case of Charles Arthur, an instructor from West Coast who travels about 225 kilometers from Takoradi in the extreme western point of the country, to teach classes at SIBS.  Also Kojo Acquah Beenyi, who travels from the Swedru in the Central region to teach classes at SIBS. This is commendable of our instructors.

Students Abysmal Performance
Although the students’ performance had been impressive, a couple of them were not punctual and did not complete the quarterly schedule this time.

Property For [SIBS] Campus
SIBS is now operating from a temporary rented house. We are almost in our second year, and have two more years remaining to stay in this house. What we are not sure of is whether we would still have the opportunity to continue renting the facility for the next two years. It has therefore been necessary to consider possible alternatives before it is too late. We had the opportunity therefore to look at a piece of plot being offered for sale. However, since our school had not been registered by then, not much could be done to pursue the land. [SIBS] now has received the government’s registration and, therefore, the quest to acquire a piece of property for a permanent campus need to be vigorously pursued. This is important to guarantee the security and future of the school.

Please continue to keep us always in your thoughts and prayers.

Seth Osae-Larb

Posted on September 20, 2015 .