Attempts To Move The School Opened Doors For A New Location...

Hello friends, brothers and churches,

I know that many of you are praying for the Institute and its future constantly. Thank you for your care and continuous prayer support. As you remember, in the previous report I wrote about the Institute moving to Dnepropetrovsk. Surely, this city has many advantages: it’s big and comfortable, there is an airport here, etc. However, it did not work out, and now we are in the town - Bila Tserkva (80 km south from Kiev). Most likely we will start our school year there. At the very last moment, brethren from the Dnepropetrovsk congregation refused to provide any assistance with the building for the Institute and said that they disagreed with us on some doctrinal issues, though they had been saying that everything is ready for our moving and that our presence would be a blessing for them. It might be the case Luke is describing in Acts 16, when Paul and his team wanted to preach the gospel in Asia and Bithynia, but Holy Spirit didn’t allow for that to happen. However, doors were opened for them to spread God’s Word in Macedonia. Now we are actively getting ready for the beginning of the school year. We need to find apartments for my family, the students, and teachers. Classes will begin on September 7.

In June, my family and I attended camp Americraine, where we visited with many friends, BVBIU teachers, graduates and students. Then we spent a week of vacation at the seaside and two weeks in Dnepropetrovsk. I hoped we would be able to stay in this city, so I was looking for a building to rent for the school and the church. Yet the city is big, and there was little time left, so my family and I moved to Bila Tserkva at the beginning of August. This town has a population of 200,000 people. There is a church of Christ there, which was founded in the 90s. Konstantin Kisilenko preaches there. We plan to have the next school year there and see how it works there for us. Please pray for our stay there and effective ministry to the Lord.  

There is a joyous event that happened recently; it’s a wedding of our brother, BVBIU graduate and a preacher, Stas Kuropyatnikov and Anna. It’s nice to see that the church is growing and there are marriages among the Christians. About 10-15 years ago there was a tendency to look for a spouse outside the church. Many young people were saying that there are so few of us and we could not find friends among the Christians. Now there is an evident progress. Young people are looking for friends among Christians only. Many young Christians are dating and enjoying the fellowship of Christ’s body. It is good progress. I was asked to do the wedding ceremony. Almost all Ukrainian teachers of BVBIU were able to come. These wonderful moments God gives us to enjoy and recharge. 

Thank you for your prayers and support of my family, students and teachers. In 2 Thessalonians Paul thanks God for the growth in love among the Christians. We also thank God for your patience and financial support of the Institute.

Your brother and co-worker,
Dennis Sopelnik

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Posted on August 9, 2015 .