The New School In Zambia Is Set To Begin This Week...

Greetings from Zambia,

For the first quarter, the course list is as follows: Old Testament 1, How we got the Bible, Christian Evidences, and English as an elective.

Brother Cephas Mwamba is teaching Old Testament 1 and English.  Fred Kanangu is teaching Christian Evidences and How we got the Bible. Then brother Kennedy Mukuka will teach short-courses.

Two students did not report to begin classes, but even if they decide not to report, there is a great possibility that two other men might take their place. And we will still maintain the budget for ten students.

We have noticed that most of the prices of essential commodities have slightly gone up. For instance, the price of Mealie Meal was ZMK 70.00 and now is ZMK 78.00. Beef has gone up by ZMK 2. Cooking oil has gone up by ZMK 12. Kapenta has gone up by ZMK 5. Sugar has gone up by ZMK 3, etc.

We wrote Noel and Pearl. We really poured our humble hearts in thankfulness to them. We are very grateful and thank you!

We have so far seen a much cheaper copier going at ZMK 10,000. This can really be ideal for the work that it is suppose to do.


Cephas and Fred

Posted on August 30, 2015 .