Second Semester Exams And Evangelizing French Cameroon...

We are grateful to read about the graduation ceremony from BVBIN-Ibadan. We thank God for taking good care of you in your trip from the US to Ibadan and now to Wotutu. Without sufficient rest you are going to start preaching over the Radio at 5:30, then start teaching at 8:00 the book of Galatians. I wish you the best, by His grace.

We are thankful for the support team and their sacrifices, traveling thousands of miles for this mission work and back is something we really need to thank God for that big work done by His Hands.

Students went through their second semester exams successfully and are spending their third day with different congregations right now for their second field trip. They went as far as Bangante in the western region and Abang in Mboe Bakossi, the brethren with whom we discoursed with when we went like that in Tombel.

A few students went to six different congregations and from feet back they are doing great. I went with one of the students on Friday just to see how they are doing.

Brother Galis will be coming for the short-courses and we are ready for the interpretation just as it works out with brother Ballard. We are sure it will work out the same this time around.

The work of the Lord is growing rapidly and we believe even the most difficult zone in French Cameroon will become as soft as the softest part in English Cameroon were the church has some grounds. Souls are being torched with the gospel every day in our lives most especially as we go around and answer some difficult questions from the minds of the lost.

By His grace we shall keep on changing the hearts of sinful men with a sinless word of the Lord Almighty.

Remain blessed,

Posted on August 30, 2015 .