The Future is Bright for French Cameroon

We greet you with the love of God. God is great and His love abides for forever.

The students enjoyed the first semester courses and most especially the short-courses. We are grateful of the the fact that with our few number in our school, most of them are proving to be very serious and are determined to see that they will become very strong preachers and their works show they will be in Jesus name.

We started with our next semester courses effectively and we pray the devil should not come to seize what God has put in place. We are also proceeding with our weekend evangelism and also with the new congregation that we started at Mujuka whereby about 14 persons are already worshiping there and students go there every week. God is torching the souls of people via our school. Please keep on praying for our student.

Ititi Benedict Nimending
Director BVBIC-Mbanga

Posted on July 6, 2015 .