Students Return With News Of Baptisms And Restorations...

We bring greetings from this part of the world. We hope all is well in Jesus’ name. We appreciate brother David Ballard for his great visit, the good time we spent together in class teaching, and at home. For the matriculation ceremony, you played a great roll as a coordinator.

To my elders and deacons of Frisco Church of Christ, we had a very busy week with brother Ballard teaching and my translating, going up and down for mission work, which was really fruitful.

Students returned from vacation with 4 baptisms an 12 restorations reported, but only 8 could come back with good health. The 9th person is still sick, but with us taking treatment. We plan to send him back to his family. We are still waiting for the family members to come pick him up. Students just finished their first quarter with short-courses on “Discipleship” taught by brother Beassem Julien, the preacher of the Dakar assembly in Douala and on “The New Testament Church” taught by the coordinator, brother David Ballard. On the 27th we officially opened the school in the presence of the coordinator who made the declaration in the presence of some elders of the church, directors of other preaching schools, the chief of our local community and his notables, members of the church, and other invitees. The event was great. Students are doing great even though with some difficulties because is was just the beginning, but we believe it is going to be ok. 

Weekend evangelism is also going on well, even though this weekend was characterized with festivities. We still remember that evangelism is our mission an our mission is evangelism. A visibility of studies was carried out within the week in a neighboring village that has never had a congregation and we are happy to tell the world that there is a congregation today in Mujuka village. It is close to Mbanga and we were able to worship for the first time last Sunday, the 28th, with about 15 persons. Oh God is great. Keep this work in your prayers, the students, and the staff of the Institute.

Students preached in door-to-door work and in the church at the new congregation in Mujuka.

Director of BVBI-Mbanga

Posted on July 5, 2015 .