Help Needed To Keep A Congregation Working In Babati, Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Servants;

It is a joy and a privilege to be called a child of God. To know we have a family without borders and a home prepared for us in eternity brings true peace to the soul. If it is true, and it is, that God desires all mankind everywhere to know Him and come to a knowledge of the Truth, then we as HIs family must know, He has chosen us to make known the “unsearchable richest of Christ” (Ephesians 3:8). Let each of us be a person who not only go to “church,” but the “church” who go to the world. 

Since May of this year we have been a part of no less than five “Safari for Souls” campaigns. Hundreds of souls, if not thousands, have heard the truth of the gospel and the Lord continues to give the increase. It is such a blessing to see our fellow Christians from America come and give sacrificially. To see the “light” go off in their eyes as they witness firsthand, some for the very first time in their Christian lives, the true power of the gospel in the lives of those desire to hear and know the truth. To be a part of God’s Kingdom growth here in Tanzania, East Africa, witnessing the nurturing of the various new church plants, well, it is simply amazing. 

The Arusha congregation is finishing their campaign. A campaign they planned and executed with 75 faithful workers. They invited evangelists (and their wives) from all over Tanzania. They have done a great work and in so doing, four souls were added to the Church, forty-seven bible studies established, 56 Bible correspondence courses set up, and more then 2,300 Bible tracts distributed. 

The Ushirombo congregation, where our brother Yusuph Mdaki ministers, just completed a week long seminar as well. They had elven congregations and 130 workers present. To see our graduates from the Andrew Connally School of Preaching grow and lead in the growth of the Lord’s church is so encouraging. 

I received a visitor this past week by the name of Thobias Lupagalo. Thobias is married with one child. He is a High School teacher at Babati (a couple of hours southeast of Arusha). Thobias was introduced to the Lord’s church at a young age here in Arusha. He moved to Dar es Salaam to complete his High School education as well as his college degree education. He is a strong servant of Christ, godly husband and father. 

Thobias came to Arusha begging for help. He, along with the Babati congregation, have worked hard to secure a location for the church to meet. The city of Babati is growing and now one of the largest cities in Tanzania. The congregation has saved around $1,000 to help purchase land. The place where they are now meeting has a small house where they can worship. The owner has given them to the end of July to either pay the balance of $2,500 or they will lose the $1,000 they have given and will be forced to vacate the property. 

This is the ONLY congregation of the Lord’s people in this huge city of lost souls. PLEASE consider this opportunity and help us help them help themselves. 

On behalf of the entire Tanzania Missions team, we say thank you to all who have played a part in making this work of God possible. Until all have heard…

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on July 5, 2015 .