ACSOP Planning For A Bright Future In Preacher Training...

ACSOP Staff Scatter Across East Africa
For the past ten days, and continuing through the upcoming week, the Andrew Connally School of Preaching faculty have traveled several hundred miles, over roads that you can't imagine, to visit with numerous ACSOP Alumni. Their goal? To encourage our graduates in their kingdom work, spend some time evangelizing with them, preaching to the brethren with whom they labor and to recruit new students for the 2016 school year. In addition to this noble cause they are taking time to visit with several of the elder brethren to document the rich history of the church in East Africa. Please see Charles Heberth’s report above with more details.

Missionaries Plan For The Bright Future
One of the great privileges of this trip has been to sit down with Cy Stafford and Daniel Gaines to discuss future plans for the ACSOP. We have been very blessed that the school is now almost completely run by local brethren and running fairly smooth at that. While we are thrilled at the tremendous progress of ACSOP we also recognize the importance of advancing the school to an even higher plane. Hence, Cy took us to a quiet location and we spent the day planning for the next phase in the development of the ACSOP. Obviously, we are still in the formative stage of planning. When everything comes together we will gladly share our hopes and dreams with you. Until then, pray that we have the wisdom to plan well, dream big and trust our Father.

A Fun Birthday Gathering
Well, it turns out that Cy and Daniel have birthday's that are just a few days apart (although Cy is the old crusty). There is a new restaurant in Arusha called Spurs. It is owned by a South African and he has locations in a number of places throughout the continent. I'm not sure if the owner made a trip to the southwest or was captivated by tv westerns but the place is decorated with a western flair. It is a comical setting to say the least. The icing on the comical cake however is the way they celebrate birthday's with their guests. Not wanting to miss a chance at embarrassing both Daniel and Cy, I just happened to capture the whole ordeal on video. Take a look and don't hesitate at giving both of them a hard time.

Concluding Remarks
Speaking of Daniel and Cy, please remember both of them in your prayers. Daniel's young son, JoJo, has been suffering with unexplained seizures. His wife Tiffany is stateside with the children arranging all the necessary tests, etc. Daniel will be traveling back next week to be present for all the tests. Cy and Stephanie are in need of your prayers as well. Stephanie is gladly taking care of her aging mother and can't be away from her for very long. Cy is spending a lot of time in Tanzania to make sure the work continues as needed. Please keep them in your prayers as the are separated for long periods of time.
Spending time with our brethren and with Daniel and Cy has been a real joy. I love them all and am glad that we are able to work together for the cause of Christ.

Thank you for all YOU do for the kingdom. All of the aforementioned plans and activities are possible because you support this work. You are appreciated more than you can imagine.
Until next time, take care and God bless.

Yours in Christ,
Sean & Anita

Posted on July 19, 2015 .