A Quarter Behind with the Future in Mind

    Calvary greetings. We had a great worship today in Mbanga and in our newly established congregation of the saints in Mujuka. We pray that it will grow into a large congregation.

   The week had its challenges as some of our students were very sick  but are starting to show signs of improvement. Please pray for Michel who was diagnosed with Yellow Fever and for Benjamen who has Malaria. The local doctors know how to treat these diseases but it is not easy for the students to struggle with these challenges and continue their daily study work.

   We published the first semester results this week. It was a good beginning but I am still admonishing them to improve and take their studies more serious even with the many challenges of health and  family difficulties. We know that the coursework and evangelism demands will be more challenging in the future so we are giving them encouragement to press on.


   The grades points are ranging from 4.48 to 1.15 out of a possible 5 points. The top two places are Madjibe Datoudji with a 4.48 and Kalda Michel with a 4.29. Albert, an older student, is struggling with prostate problems and has missed much of the first quarter and is home with his family now. Please pray for him. The student with a 1.15 grade point was removed from the school was encouraged as a brother and given a last month of support to travel home and get things in order for his future work. Please pray for him and his wife that they will remain strong in the Lord.


                                              Thank you for your support of this work,

               Director: Ititi Benedict Nimending         and     Coordinator: David Gene Ballard

Posted on July 12, 2015 .