ACSOP Students Hard At Work, Results Included Below...

Students now paired with local congregations
ACSOP students have now been organized and connected with one of thirteen congregations in the Arusha area. These future preachers will work alongside the local evangelist, all of whom are ACSOP graduates, to help and be mentored in the practical aspects of local work. In addition they also participate in one-on-one evangelism, working alongside brethren from the congregation. Our brother Godfrey Mngoma, ACSOP Dean of Students and preacher for the Arusha church of Christ, recently shared the results of last month's efforts:

New Bible Studies - 103
New Correspondence Courses- 153
New Converts - 17
Restored Brethren - 21

We praise the Lord for the souls that are being reached with the gospel of Christ and for the teamwork and unity between local members, preachers and preacher students.

Please keep the summer campaign efforts in your prayers that many will come to know Christ. This year campaigners will be coming from Oklahoma, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi. In addition to conducting hundreds of one-one-one bible studies the campaigners will also be signing up those interested in Bible Correspondence Courses. Concerning literature, this years goal is to hand out several hundred bibles and over 300,000 tracts. 

I am happy to report that my neck surgery went very well. I recently had my first followup visit with my surgeon and he was pleased with my progress. I have my next appointment in two weeks and am hoping, yeah, fervently praying, that he will clear me to travel. Anita and I cannot thank each of you enough for the way you have prayed and given of your means to see us through this process. We hope that the way we go forward with the Lord's work will be evidence of our gratitude for you and for our benevolent Father.

In August I will be attending Polishing the Pulpit. If you are interested in getting together at the conference or at a meal during the week to discuss the work, I would love the opportunity. Also, if you would like us to come and visit your congregation to give a report and share the good news about the work in Tanzania, drop me a line and we'll get a date on a calendar. 

Until next time, take care and God bless.

Yours in Christ,
Sean and Anita

Posted on June 14, 2015 .