38 Souls Added To The Kingdom And 23 Restored In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Cameroon. We are doing better and we praise God for that. We are happy to be part of the rainy season here, whereby it rains some days the whole day. This will help the crops and there will be food in the future.

We do hope everybody there is doing okay. We are happy to welcome our coordinator, minister David and deacon Jonathan to come and teach in the school of preaching here. They made it safe to Cameroon and they are doing well. Keep them in your prayers to remain healthy and strong. Please keep them in your prayers that they will remain strong so as to accomplish what brought them here.

Our students were out for their second mission work in 21 different locations. God used them greatly to accomplish His purpose. They are all back on campus safe and sound except for brother Valentine, who had a car accident on his way back to school. Keep him in your prayers.

Students were going house to house reaching out with the gospel to many they will meet. Tracts were handed out to people who are eager to study further in their absence.

Brother Oponde Daniel was in a dying congregation because members are fighting for leadership. He did his best to calm down the situation and to nurture.

Gladson shared the gospel and tracts. Many thanks to Mission Printing for allowing these tracts to come our way that we can use them to ease our evangelistic efforts.

Sister Martha obeyed the gospel in Ebie village. Brother Oponde baptized sister Liza into Christ in Lykoko village. Brother Gladson baptized brother Laza. A total of 38 baptisms were recorded. God added these souls in His different congregations. 

I believe in nurturing, so we shall keep sending our students to those areas for them to continue to nurture because 23 souls fell from grace and were brought back to the fold. Keep this effort in your prayers as we have the means to continue helping the church to grow.

Minister David and deacon Jonathan made their way to Cameroon, Wotutu safe to teach and to see how the work and different ministries are going on here. They visited the prison ministry in the Buea central prison preaching the gospel.

I am a dreamer and my dreams are full with the thoughts of how to better grow the church of Christ in Cameroon. Thank you for standing by me. I know we can do it for the glory to go to God.

We stood in Buea central prison, standing where we would have been doing baptism because this is where we are able to baptize in prison, but today there was no water and because we are not allowed to take the inmates outside for them to be baptized.

This week is set aside for the short course, “New Testament Church” until Friday.

Brightland Christian Academy will celebrate their second graduation ceremony. We are doing our best to help many see the importance of Christian education.

God bless you and replenish from where you are to make sure this work is in progress. God alone will reward you. From the bottom of our hearts we say “thank you for all you are doing.”

Do your best to share this with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on June 14, 2015 .