Partnering In A Great Work Of God...

Greetings Fellow Servants, 

It is our hope and prayer that this report finds each of you blessed and serving faithfully. We are blessed by your prayers and support and we thank our God for being a part of His family, the family of God. Our week has been a busy week, full of travel, Bible studies, handing out Bible tracks, Bible correspondence courses, teaching  two short-courses, hosting our short-term co-workers, etc. 

Dennis Dickey, his two daughters, Lauren and Mariah and Brian Howard have ministered to the good people of Njiro Chini here in Arusha, along with the church family. Several have obeyed the gospel, while others continue in their studies. Tomorrow our good friends head home, to Indiana. Please remember them in your prayers, along with their families. 

Rod Minor, evangelist for the Second and Adams congregation in Elk City, OK, his son Steve (also an evangelist for the Lord’s Church in OK), and granddaughter Micah are working with the church family at Ngrudoto. They have several studies ongoing as they work together with the church family on the eastern slop of Mt. Meru. 

Our brother Tom Watkins, elder and servant of God at the Kensington Woods congregation in Hattiesburg, MS is working with the good brothers and sisters at Namanga (boarder town of Tanzania and Kenya). Please remember each of the above mentioned as they serve and those they serve. 

A great report from our good brother Yusuph Mdaki: “The church at Ushirombo continues very well. God is protecting the church from false teachers and evil and we give Him thanks for our life. Also we give thanks to all our sponsors who continue to help us. 

The church continues to evangelize in many places. We have three who are expecting to obey at any time, as they attend worship each Sunday. Recently, we spread more than 500 tracts during the funeral of our brother who passed away in April. He fell down when he came from the farm and he lost his physical life. His name was Ibrahim, age 58. He became a Christian in February 2013, being taught by Amos Kinasa (graduate of the ACSOP). The tracts cause many to give us invitation to teach, while others are coming to request more lessons. 

The Big Need: The Ushirombo congregation will receive many Christians from seven congregations in a seminar for unity. We also want to discuss starting a Bible School for our regions, possibly here in Ushirombo. Our budget is set at 1,500,000/- ($750), we have collected 600,000/- ($300) but are short 900,000/- ($450). We plead for your assistance that God would be glorified, we might be united, and that the lost of Africa might hear the soul saving message of God’s Word before it is eternally to late. In Christ, Yusuph” 

Yes, God’s work in Tanzania is growing by His mercy, grace and power. You partner with us in a great work of God and we thank you for that. Please continue praying and supporting His cause where you are, here in Tanzania, and throughout the world. Until all have heard…

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on May 17, 2015 .