Souls Added To The Kingdom And A Congregation Converted...

Four Led to Christ during AGOU 
The staff, preachers, and students of CBS embarked on a major campaign in March to strengthen the small congregation in Agou Gare. Activities included: house to house, open air preaching, film show, and tract distribution. At the close of the three day campaign, four souls were led to Christ. 

Kpodzi Church of Christ adds two to their number 
David, a student of CBS, works with the Kpodzi church of Christ. While in the denomination, he established several denominations, but is now determined to convert all to become congregations of the Lord’s church. The congregation has several prospects and visitors each Sunday, but for now it has 35 baptized. Recently two were added to the number. 

Nyiveme congregation lost a sister. 
The funeral service organized by the Nyiveme Church of Christ turned into a campaign ground, when after the service three ladies responded to the invitation by asking the church to baptize them. The three were a lab technician, a trader, and a student. They have continued to worship since March. Sister Esi Akpawu was survived by the husband and three daughters of which two are members of the church. 

CBS had a visiting instructor. 
Brother Dossouvi is a graduate of the preacher training school in Benin. He preaches for the church in Aneho, not far from Lome. He was invited to teach a short course in Ethics recently at CBS. 

The Last Quarter courses at CBS 
1) Deuteronomy
2) Christian Evidences
3) Bible history and Geography
4) Teaching methods
5) Minor Prophets 


World Radio Program 
The speakers handling the radio program are addressing the issue of New Testament Worship. Listeners are given the opportunity to phone in to ask questions. This approach has led to personal Bible studies with individuals who are regular listeners. Very soon brethren are going to start a panel discussion on various topics.The radio program is impacting church growth in the Kpalime area. 

Our student, Mawunyo Koffi Honku, used to be a member of the Good Shepherd Church in Kpalime. Upon his conversion, he started teaching the congregation he was working with. It got to a time that the preacher of the congregation couldn’t cope with our student teaching lessons that were exposing their errors. He, therefore, decided to move away to give Mawunyo the opportunity to handle the congregation. On my recent trip to Togo, I was informed that the signboard has changed from Good Shepherd Church to Church of Christ. This is what truth can accomplish. 

It has become essential for the preacher training school in Kpalime- CBS to secure a motor bike. This bike will be used by the students for their Sunday visits to congregations in the Kpalime area and other outreach activities. The school is presently spending much hiring a motor bike to conduct business in and around town. I am confident this will be a great asset for the school and the church. One such bike will cost $900.00 which includes the registration. Kindly let me know if God has touched your heart to purchase a bike for the work in Kpalime,Togo. 

Chariot visits villages in the Kpalime area 
In March and April, there was a ban on public gatherings due to the election. However, we managed to organize one outside the city of Kpalime in Agou Gare. We, therefore, used the period to visit nearby villages to distribute tracts and conduct home Bible studies. There is many requests from those villages and towns to establish the Church there. 

The villages the Chariot visited included: Huime, Akata, Agame, Agoviepe. 

H. Willie Gley

Posted on May 16, 2015 .