Campaign Season Is Off To A Great Start In Arusha, Tanzania...

Campaign season is upon us! Our first group of the summer (winter here) has arrived and things are getting off to a great start. The focus of most of the campaign work this year will be the new congregation at Niro Chini. In anticipation of this, Elly Martin built a new portable baptistry. This will be a great tool. Previously we had to drive almost an hour across town to get to the baptistry at ACSOP. We look forward to wearing this new tool out in the Lord’s service.       

We have another new tool for this year’s campaigns. Thanks to the sale of a previous truck, along with some donations from  kind supporters, the Andrew Connally School of Preaching has been able to purchase a new (to us) van. Less than a week after purchase we have already been putting the van to work in transporting hard-working campaigners to and from the airport, the work area, and the school. The van is also useful for transporting students and translators during evangelist efforts.  We thank God and His people for providing this wonderful tool to the  school. 

We are delighted to welcome our beloved co-worker, Cy Stafford, back to Tanzania after his furlough. He was greatly missed while away doing the necessary evil that is fund-raising.  

Cy was accompanied back by Tom Watkins who is doing some work this week in Namanga, at the Kenya border. A small group arrives today from Oklahoma to make evangelistic efforts in the Usa River area. Meanwhile, we are facilitating these efforts, handling logistics, and working hand in hand with our guests from the States. As you can see, things are busy, busy, busy, and getting more so by the day. The next couple of months should be action-packed and exciting as we see God at work in the people of His kingdom.

A group from the Town Acres church in Muncie, Indiana is here now getting our campaign season kicked off in a great way. Their efforts have already yielded several baptisms and many studies. We have even been able to witness one passionate Muslim man confess that Jesus is the Son of God. The church rewarded the campaigners’ efforts with a fellowship meal, providing the opportunity to enjoy some delicious, authentic African cuisine.

Student Spotlight
Back in 1990 a missionary visited the Rift Valley area of Kenya. There he taught and baptized Pius Ngetich. Twenty five years later, Pius is now a student at ACSOP, where he is preparing for a promising career of sharing with others the gospel message that he first received all those years ago.

Today we had the pleasure of worshipping with the Ngordoto congregation, located in a remote area on the side of Mt. Meru.  We had some delays along the way and got terribly lost.  Our path took us through mud holes, across creeks, down footpaths, and through animal herds, but we finally arrived... 1 hour 45 minutes late.  Yet judging from the fact that there were no empty seats, not a single soul had given up on us and left.  Can you imagine that in America?

Starting so late, you might expect that there would be an abbreviated service.  Not so!  Those Christians put in a full 3 hours of worship and study just like they would have otherwise.  They didn't "short change" the Lord any time just because we were running late. 

The Tanzanians, especially away from the city, are much more "event-orientied" than they are "time-oriented."  Sometimes that's a little aggravating to us westerners, but when it comes to worship maybe they're on to something.  What if we took down the clocks and just gave worship as much time as it needed to do it right?  I know that there are various reasons why that may not be very practical in a lot of places, but there may still be something to say for slowing down and letting worship have its time.  Just food for thought.

Daniel Gaines

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Posted on May 16, 2015 .