Positive, Enthusiastic, Infectious, And Motivational Staff In Nepal...

Dear Christian Brothers,

The month of March has been busy and productive in Nepal. Arun Rijal graduated from Nepal Center For Biblical Study [NCBS] last September and went to Chennai, India for a year of graduate work at the Masters level. He returned to Nepal in March and is helping at the school. His report to us was very encouraging. He said that the level and clearness of our teaching was higher than what he found in India. He felt he was better prepared when he started there [Feb '14] than most of the students were when they completed their studies with him a year later. It is always encouraging to hear that our efforts are effective and helping to prepare others to share the gospel. We hope to have Arun join our NCBS staff. His positive and enthusiastic manner is infectious and really motivates the students. He is a good translator and also a solid teacher. His value in personal work and campaign missions is beyond description. The school has been a huge blessing in his own life, and that of his family, and now he brings those blessings back to us.

Rusty Dawson also came and taught for a week. This was Rusty's forth trip to Nepal. He taught the book of Galatians. Before coming he prepared a work book, sent it to us by e-mail, and also taught it to the local lady's class in Little, Oklahoma to fine tune his presentation. Rusty teaches in a way that involves the students, even challenges them to reach a little higher and seek a little deeper, and their response exceeds what they thought they were capable of achieving. His classes are always high energy and full of smiles.

Last Thursday was the last day of classes and the students returned home for a three week holiday. This is the Nepal New Year season and a natural holiday time since the public schools close for 2-3 weeks. Gajendra, the school Director, and Arun left with four students from Darjeeling, India and one from east Nepal to do two weeks of campaign work in India. These students will be teaching and working with their own families and friends. It is beautiful to experience this series of a variety of daily teaching and fellowship activities. Gajendra and Arun will take a full week visiting other congregations, and other graduates, as they return to Kathmandu.

Sunita was also invited to join them in India and to continue the teaching that she did with the Christian women in January. She leaves today and will return next Monday. The program of WOMEN TEACHING WOMEN is growing and producing wonderful fruit.

The students will return and classes begin on Monday, April 20. This is their last holiday [two each year] until they graduate in October. We will begin our next group of new students in early November. This graduating class will be our largest, 12 students, and it will be out third group [2011, 2013, 2015]. The progress of the church in Nepal has been much greater in these last six years than in my 19 years working with the church and living in Nepal most of the year. God has blesses us greatly. You are one of our great and very appreciated blessings. Please pray for the church in Nepal.

In Christian service, 

Jerry Golphenee jrgx21958@gmail.com

Posted on April 5, 2015 .