Growth Occurs As Students Return To Class In Kenya...

Receive greetings from your Kenyan family. Just to let you know that we are all doing well, we were not affected with the terrorism act that hit our country. Kisumu has been safe and peaceful and that can be proved by the students coming from far places like Mombasa and find a peaceful home in Kisumu. We ask you to keep mentioning us and our country to God in prayers. 

The 20 KSOP students who went for a short break are all back for classes which began on April 13. Since these students joined the school it has been very dry and hot. This month we were blessed with good rain and the weather now is cool, while for others it's cold. 

Classes began well with Elias teaching 1 and 2 Corinthians, Matthew. I am teaching Joshua - Ruth and English II among the 7 courses for the quarter. 

In this second intake, we have 5 students from four congregations who  came from the Rift Valley part of Kenya. They had attended Bible training at Nairobi Great Commission School before. The school has been training and ordaining women as pastors and using instruments among the other many errors they teach. 

These 5 students visited me in my house to appreciate the preaching school and the Bible truth we stand for. Within the two quarters, they said their spiritual growth has changed. They each shared how they had been given big titles that they didn't qualify for. They lamented how they had been having incomplete worship without Lord's supper and when they do have it is with the wrong elements. 

Two of them come from a congregation which has an NGCS extension program and they said the leaders there are not willing to change because of the support, but these two men will not stop teaching the truth either.  

They requested Bibles in their native language, song books, and gospel campaigns in their areas to raise more awareness to save souls. Keep these brethren in your prayers so the zeal to contend for the faith will not go down. Anyone touched and would love to help these brethren with Kalenjin  Bibles and/or Swahili song books can contact the Charlotte Avenue Church or Mike Reese. 

We had the largest number worshipping with us at Hellena court. Thanks to the great work of evangelism being done by the students under the leadership of Elias and Nixon, our former graduate. We expect the students to begin going out to help local churches around. This is and has always been a great opportunity to put into practice what they learn in class. 

We thank God for the sacrifices you are all making on your end to keep this great cause going. It's effect is felt near and far. 

Blessings to you all. 

Fellow servant, 
Charles Ogutu

Posted on April 19, 2015 .