Making A Pulpit Out Of An Ant Hill In Uganda...

Blessings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for His church. On the 12th of March 2015 Churches of Christ from Busia and Namayingo District went to the Bulukuyi church of Christ for a gospel campaign.

We had to use a big lorry because of the load we had  to carry. We had to carry the chairs, mats, pans, and firewood for the camp. The gospel campaign started on Friday the 13th of March 2015. The nine congregations which participated  were (1) Nandwa (2) Bulukuyi (3) Junge (4) Bugati (5) Bukalikha (6) Namungodi (7) Buswale (8) Bwoya (9) Namagenge. Each congregation contributed beans, maze, and money to be used during those three days. The day began at 7:00 am when we all went for breakfast. After breakfast we went for the first lesson which was 45 minutes. A second lesson ended at 15 minutes to 10:00 am. From that time we went in groups of two or three from house to house or door to door and came back at 1:00 pm for lunch which ended at 2:00 pm. From 2:00 pm  we continued with classes up to 5:00 pm and went for open air preaching using a public address system. This ended at 6:00 pm and we went for supper. At 8:00 pm I started teaching the slides which I converted into powerpoint translated into Lusamia language, which was spoken in Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya. The Bulukuyi congregation was planted in 2010. The whole of 2014 they were not meeting. The Nandwa congregation just sent Joel Kizito to revive them. During these three days we reached over 300 hundred people. Please pray for these works so that some may obey and become members of the Bulukuyi congregation.

We were not able to build a platform, but God is great. He provided an anthill which was improvised and it served very well. We discussed this with brother James Olendo and he agreed to plant some grass on it so that it may be our permanent platform for future use.

The truck helped us with a place where men slept. We just connected power from the generator and it served from 7:00 pm to  2:00 am when it ran out of petrol. For me, I slept in the cabin. The speakers were placed on the top of the cabin.

Part of the group listened to the open air preaching. The theme was “Know the church of Christ from the Old Testament Anti-types.” Our sisters lodged for three days sleeping on the mats. In my February report, I spoke about the need which these brethren have. We have not received anything. They still need $5,000 dollars to construct their small church building. We are appealing to any God-loving Christian who can sympathize with these brethren.

After supper, when it was dark enough, I started teaching by powerpoint through a projector. I have been down loading images from creation to the birth of Moses. By this time I had not finished all, but now I almost finished this work. I am getting the idea from Jule Miller slides. I taught this in the Lusamia language. I nearly completed the Patriarchal  Age. I will continue to compile the Mosaic Age, Christian Age, God’s plan for Redeeming man, and last, Church History. This will take me some time but I am determined  to finish wit God’s help. In total, I will make about 500 slides. For two days  I had about 300 people at night. Pray to God so that I may have strength to finish this project.

My wife, Margaret, with her team helped us with the cooking. She has been feeding two hundred people including children at every meal.

After our Sunday morning service, we had our lunch and left. Some people left on Saturday to go back to their congregations.

The second large pond is now finished, with the remainder of shaping and stocking the fish. The water has started coming and we will be stocking at the end of April.

The two old small ponds, which we did not stock last year because of their shallowness,  this time we are going to stock them with fish and rice. The deeper area is 5m x 18m by 1m deep. It is where we will stock 200 tilapia and 70 catfish. On the higher side which is a half a meter we are going to plant rice. This is called a fish and rice culture. When the rice is up, water will be filled to cover the rice.

Our garden has not been doing well. There has been a lot of sun, and all our vegetables  dried up. Our water is salty, it does not work well with drip irrigation. We plan to dig an under ground tank where we can harvest water from the roof and use it for irrigation.

Rains have started and these brethren will soon lose the top of their building the day the storms pass around that area.

We need to buy our own public address system. The one we use we are charged 50,000 per day. This is very expensive.

It is our hope that you will read this report prayerfully and respond positively. May our God bless you and your work.

Yours in Christ

Francis and Margaret Wechesa

Posted on April 12, 2015 .