"The Gospel is For All"

Dearest in Christ,

         Greetings and love to you all over there. We do hope this report meets you in good health and a sound faith. We praise God! Life is going on well and God is helping us in all that we must pass through.

     Last week in CBIW was a week dedicated for the teaching of short courses. We increased  the number of daily hours to teach the short courses so that the time would not exceed one week. This will allow us the time to do the normal evangelism as well as the mass evangelism to Lebialem.  This also is a very important part of our work and our training.

     As I write this report, all our GAMMA batch students are on their way to their very first mission work. Keep them in your prayers as they travel to 22 different locations. Some will go to places they have never been before. Some students will sail on canoes to get to their destinations. Please, please pray for them.


         It is always good for you to watch your child grow. It was amazing for me to sit in the class and watch one of our graduates, Mokwe Eugene, teach a short course. He had the desire to come back and teach a short course and he did extremely. The students understood him well as he taught them “The Cost of Discipleship.”


    In CBIW we are all brethren. We have the mutual communion with one another whether you are a staff or a student, but we are aware of the scriptures that says give respect to whom respect is due. We are having this  sweet fellowship with this ex-student who has come back to teach a short course.



      Today the Wotutu congregation congratulated the effort of the staff of CBIW, as they can see the growth of our children on their pulpit. This is brother Nguty Victor during his sermon. We are going through the theme, “What God Wants Us To Be.” Keep CBIW in your prayers as the waves keeps going. To God be the glory.


       In Wotutu congregation, we take our time to write all of the scriptures on the board so that as the teacher is explaining the reading and explanation of the word of God people can turn to the passages in their Bibles. God’s word is good, and many visitors who visit us will always appreciate the pains we are taken to teach the word to our Christians family.


      This month God has blessed us with two babies as you can see babies being prayed for today. We pray that their parents will raise them up to remain and build the church of Christ in their generations.

        The Gamma batch of students smile as they carry their bags for their first mission work, which will beginning today in different locations. Keep them in your prayers as we shall share their reports upon their return .


      Their bags are loaded with tracts and with their clothes. They will share the “good news” and then leave someone with good gospel tracts from mission printing. Thanks to all those who are voluntarily giving themselves to the work of Mission Printing. Their efforts are having a great impact in the lives of many. Many here will take time to read the tracts and ask questions about their stand in this world.


       Brother Cyprine is ready to go. He is going to a place he has never been to before. That is what the gospel can do for those who obeyed the call. WHERE HE LEADS ME I WILL FOLLOW…


      A great thing that I love that has been added to my preaching and teaching life, is the training of men to teach the pure message. I am so blessed in this way that I get confused as to how to try to explain the abundance of this blessing that God has given me. It is amazing to admit a student in CBIW and from the first day realize that the student is almost empty with the knowledge of the Bible, but then to witness the effect of time and effort as you see him growing in knowledge and experience and becoming an evangelist who is rightly handling the word of truth, answering questions on Bible subjects, and speaking out the word in public with all boldness. I was happy to witness as some weeks back our student back knelt down on the dirt floor as a sign of humility and total surrender to serve God full time in preaching and teaching. With tears I saw this as we prayed for him that only God can help strengthen him and keep him for His use. Keep Itoe David in your prayers.


       The Lord added brother Abel Chia in His kingdom. Keep praying for us.


1. From the 24 to the 29 of March 2015, all of our current students and graduates will be on our way to Lebialem for a program called,”Lebialem for Christ.” The purpose is to plant the church of Christ in that part of Cameroon which is presently, deeply characterize by Roman catholic dogma. Please keep us in your prayers as all our staff too will be part of it.

2.  I will be traveling to Akwaya regions in Cameroon. This is an area also where there are above 80 villages but there is no single congregation in the area. As we train men, we do our best to reduce the ripe harvest for the Lord. Please keep me in your prayers. This area is also enclaved, but as the gospel is calling we must go. Let the name of God be heard! Let us show them the way to Christ! I am told they belief in witchcraft and traditional beliefs. Why should we sit and watch these people perish? As you pray for me, it is true that you are accompanying me to go and reach out, thinking souls , going for souls, so that God will help us harvest some fruits from the strong man’s house.


       God bless you as you pray for us and continue supporting us in any way you can to help grow the church of Christ in Cameroon. Thanks very much from the bottom of our hearts for all that you are doing with your love and efforts.

      Do your best to share this with others.

    Elangwe and family

    By His grace Director CBIW



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Posted on March 8, 2015 .