Son Assists In The Spiritual Birth Of His Mother In Cambodia...

Good day fellow workers of Christ! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog about the work of Jesus Christ in Siem Reap, Cambodia. For the month of February, I wanted to highlight two things: 1) God's adding of another soul into his kingdom, and 2) an example of a mature Christian bearing fruit in Sokchea Lork.

1) It was wonderful to see a son baptizing his mother into Christ! What a beautiful picture! Tuk is one of our 3rd year students who was able to finally immerse his mother for the remission of her sins after 3 years of studying and being an example to her. I pray that one day, I too, will have this incredible moment. Please continue to keep Tuk, his wife Duong, and his mother in your prayers as she walks a new life in Christ. 

2) IBISR students made/planted Pleurotus Ostreatus (Oyster Mushrooms) with Sokchea Lork (one of our graduates who is serving as the local preacher in Leang Dai village). I'm so proud of Sokchea and what he is doing in his community and his willingness to share his craft with our students along with the villagers to teach them how to provide for themselves! This is a three day seminar on how to grow and care for the oyster mushrooms.

These two things that I am highlighting for the month of February is a glimpse of what we are doing here in Cambodia in becoming autonomous. We still emphasize the importance of seeking the lost and saving souls, at the same time helping them to take care of themselves physically. There has to be a healthy balance with the main emphasis focusing on the spiritual life. Thank you for your support and prayers in getting us this far. I pray that God will continue to bless you guys so that you can continue to bless us here and we all can see the blessings of God together! Amen.


To see Phanat’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on March 8, 2015 .