Counting The Souls Added To The Kingdom In Kenya...

It is surprising how sometimes time flies very fast. We have come to the end of the second year here at Kenya School of Preaching. It has been one of the greatest classes and quarters, good reports from the current students and former.

I taught the gospel of Mark and Hermeneutics, Elias taught Homiletics II and Pentateuch II, Prison Epistles was taught by Jacob Omollo and Dr. Mike Reese taught both Godhead and Christian evidence as short courses.

Our 20 students are truly doing well both in class and in personal evangelism.  For the first time in this class we had the 20 students go and serve in 10 local congregations of the Lord. They led worship services, went door to door, conducted Bibles studies, and four souls obeyed the Lord’s gospel and were immersed. The students were very excited to put into practice what they have been learning in class and to report back the response. On behalf of the school and the students, thanks for the brethren and churches that made the sacrifices to send them out.

Denis, a current student, brought the report of five people who obeyed the gospel. These are people he has been studying with and when he visited them, five were baptized.

We had a drip irrigation workshop at the Ahono church and all the current 20 students of KSOP plus former graduates attended and actively participated in the two days event. They were so happy with the skills they learned and hope to get the drip irrigation kit, so they can use in their various villages.

As KSOP, this kind of workshop will really be of help to us, especially when we have school land where we can produce food for the school and cut cost. Otherwise for the individual students, it will greatly benefit them when they are back to the village. Thanks to all who organized it.

This workshop also gave me an opportunity to meet and share with the former graduates how the Lord’s work is going on on their sides.

Laban, a former student, had been sharing the gospel with two different denominational leaders in Bungoma, one of them obeyed the gospel and was baptized. They went together and taught the other members and 16 more obeyed the gospel and were baptized. Eight other members requested more studies and he is following up on them. Furthermore, he restored two churches of Christ, the Shivanga congregation and Kapcheposet congregation, to true worship and the people around the village refer to him as “Bishop.”

Ernest, also a former students, is in the Eastern part of Kenya seeking to plant a new congregation. I am full of joy to hear these great reports from the current and former students of KSOP. Men are truly at work and glory be to God.

We had a three day gospel campaign in Mayoni, near Mumias. I participated on February 28th and March 1st. Four souls were baptized into Christ and added to this new church.   

Your support for the preaching school is worthy and not in vain. Those who love the Mango fruit don’t throw the mango seed (Keith Kasarjian and Mike Reese), those who love the gospel also commit it to the faithful men.

Keep us and the work in your prayers to keep on keeping on with training quality preachers.

Blessings to you all.

In His service,

Charles Ogutu,
Director KSOP (We train quality preachers)

Posted on March 8, 2015 .