One Baptism And Fifteen Prospects From Togo...

Yokele Campaign Produces One (1) Baptism And 15 Prospects
The Yokele Church of Christ is one of our newest congregations in the Kloto Region. The preacher, Koku Tulassi, is a graduate of CBS. Our February campaign was organized to introduce the congregation to the citizens of Yokele by open air preaching, house-to-house evangelism, tract distribution, and worship. 

The personnel during the campaign included: 18 students, 14 preachers, and 11 members from congregations in the Kpalime area. Students are always part of these campaigns to afford them the opportunity to use the skills they have acquired in class. After all the activities, one lady was baptized and 15 visitors were at Church on Sunday. There will be a follow up campaign very soon. 

Chariot’s Daily Visits To Villages
The Chariot has embarked daily visits to nearby villages to distribute tracts, preach, and study with individuals. We are taking advantage of the markets, gatherings, schools, and people on the streets. We even visited tailoring shop. We are being called by inhabitants of several villages to plant the church in their community. Brethren, we now have more than we can even handle. 

“Pastor” Turns Over A Church To CBS Student. 
Mawunyo came to CBS as a member of the “Good Shepherd Church.” He was baptized within a year at CBS. However, he continued to worship with the Good Shepherd church where he had opportunity to preach and teach in his congregation. As Mawunyo continued to share his new found faith, his pastor became uncomfortable with the teachings, while the members were enjoying the lessons. Some even decided to be baptized and give up denominationalism. They did away with their drums and started singing. The pastor became more uncomfortable. Recently, it became evident that he was loosing his grip on the “Good Shepherd Church.” Finally, the pastor made the decision to leave the church in the hands of Mawunyo. He has since left town. God is great! We are in the process of replacing the “Good Shepherd Church” sign board with that of Church of Christ. CBS is paying more attention to this new work. 

Driver Leads A Soul To Christ 
Atsu (Chariot driver) has not rested from sharing his new found faith since the day he was baptized. Atsu is always handing tracts to people he meets while driving in traffic. I admire his zeal to always let people know about the Church of Christ. 

Esperance Taught Class
Esperance preaches for the Nukafo Church of Christ in Lome and has been on the staff of CBS since the inception of the school in 2005. 

Kpalime Area Preachers Meet
Kpalime area preachers held at a meeting in Kpalime. This meeting convenes on the first Monday of each month between 3:00pm - 5:00pm. This particular meeting was to plan the forthcoming lectures in May under the theme “The One Another Experience.” Some of the topics include: Love one another, pray for one another, greet one another, and encourage one another. I am scheduled to speak on the topic “Encourage One Another.” The meeting also discussed the funeral of a sister who was a member of the Nyiveme Church of Christ. This cooperation among congregations in the area is a great source of encouragement to brethren and gives Christians a sense of belonging. 

Meeting With CBS Students 
The CBS students requested to meet with me while I was in Kpalime. The meeting was to discuss some pertinent issues concerning the welfare of students. Their spokesperson used the occasion to thank Gabriel Oaks for the continued support. The key issue had to do with their fate after graduation. I also officially informed them of their graduation on the 5th of September,2015. 

Visit To Hanyigba Church of Christ 
I had the opportunity to deliver the sermon during the worship after a CBS student taught the Bible class. A I sat in the class and listened to the student teach, I gave thanks to God for what he has done with these students in less than two years. I preached using one of the beatitudes: Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the sons of God. Mathew 5:9 

CBS Needs A Motor Bike
It has become essential for the preacher training school in Kpalime - CBS to secure a motor bike. This bike will be used by the students for their Sunday visits to congregations in the Kpalime area and other outreach activities. The school is presently spending too much for hiring a motor bike to conduct business in and around town. I am confident this will be a great asset for the school and the church. One such bike will cost $900.00, which includes the registration. Kindly, let me know if God has touched your heart to purchase a bike for the work in Kpalime, Togo. 


CBS graduation is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th 2015.

Report by H. Willie Gley

Posted on March 23, 2015 .