"The Gospel Must Go Where Motorcycles Cannot Go"

Dearest in Christ,

    Greetings to you all in Jesus name. I am sure you are doing great. We are doing better after a long and tedious journey. I am back home even though I am still not very strong.

    Our students ended their first campaign after the first quarter of long courses. That is why I also followed some of them to their locations to be part of their work.

    Let me share with you some pictures of my recent evangelistic trip to Akwaya sub- division, which is one of those divisions that have been  abandoned by the government of Cameroon in some or all domains  like roads, education, and health care.


       It is always my joy to see our students growing from one level to another. This is our beta batch graduate, evangelist Thierry Ngoue. Brother Thierry got married to sister Alpha Tabeson last week. It was great for me to be part of it.


      This is me crossing fast running streams in Akwaya. The gospel can take you to many kinds of places.  As we bear risks in some places, all we can do is to sing a song like “COURAGE BROTHER DO NOT STUMBLE” or “ ANYWHERE WITH JESUS I CAN SAFELY GO.” It was not easy to take the gospel to areas where even a motorcycle cannot take you to. You must go some places on foot, climbing, descending and crossing rivers .


     Our passion is sharing the gospel and leaving behind a tract that will push our prospect to go back and read. Many do so. The tracts from Mission Printing have gone to the hinterlands of Cameroon and they are making a great impact.


    We are standing where the church of Christ in Assaka meets for worship. It is not easy for this congregation to meet during rainy season as they are in need of iron sheets for the roof.


      The area is always suffering from strong wind. This is the house that accommodated me for one night. The preacher’s house collapsed by the strong wind with us inside. This, the preacher, his wife, myself, and their 5 children ,were down in there when it collapsed. Thankfully no one sustained serious injuries. Please, as I write this mail, this preacher and his family are homeless. .A good neighbor of theirs helped out, but the preacher and his family cannot stay with the neighbor permanently. They are in need of help.


 As we moved around the village to evangelize, we realized that many children don’t have means to go to school because they are orphans or were abandoned by relatives who can no longer help them  because they cannot help themselves .It is very sad to me. My heart goes out for these children and the communities.


    Sister Delphine Agia obeyed the gospel in Badoum village. She was happy to know Christ. She asked many questions about polygamy. It was the talk of the day there. Different villages have different things that the gospel calls them out of. For many in this village, it will be polygamy. There was  much talk about polygamy in the village today.


    This pa is the one that uses the drum in front of him to send information from one village to another, because there are no network services for mobile phones .


    Children here go to farms and have no access to an education. Because of this,  early marriages are common to most young girls .



    This little girl is call Reginal. She has already been married for one year. Her future is blare because no one is ready to help her out of the situation of early marriage .It was a thing that caused me to shed tears. I never thought that this type of practice was still going on in Cameroon ,.



    This is brother Christopher, who at the age of 78 obeyed the gospel. Keep him in your prayers. He has a very large family who will surely love to study with us since their father obeyed the message of Christ.



    A total of 7 precious souls were added to the church in Badoum and Ayimelnike which are both in the Akwaya sub-division. We still have a long way to go, as there are over 90 total villages there.  .



         I am happy to include this picture because of the story attached to it. You can see me using a mega phone to preach. We rented it from a denominational pastor who was in the audience listening to my preaching as well. But, after I had gone far in my message, he got up and ceased the mic from my hands and declared  that I should not speak about the role of women in the church any longer. He did this because he has ordained women to be elders and to do many other things which are in error.


       We shall have a mass campaign in Lebialem. It shall be called “Lebialem for Christ.” Both current students and graduates of CBIW will be part of it. Lebialem is a great distance Wotutu.


       God bless you. We thank you for all that you are doing for the cross in Cameroon. Keep it up and do not faint, so that you will receive your reward in due season.


                                                       THE ONE THAT WINS SOULS IS WISE


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                                                                                         Elangwe and family

                                                                                                    By His grace Director CBIW  



Posted on March 21, 2015 .