Nigeria Plants, Cameroon Waters, God Gives the Increase -- and then there is Koba -- God is Good All the Time

Dearest in Christ,

           Greetings to you! It is by His grace that we have entered into a new month. We do hope you are doing great.

       We give thanks to God that the examination week has finished well. Tomorrow our students start short courses on “The Godhead” and “The Cost of Discipleship.”.Keep our programs in your prayers.



       As the students were busy writing their exams under the instructors, I decided to include my wife in my mission trip to touch some congregations along my village area. She received a first-hand taste of what it takes to do evangelism in rural areas. Here we are a crossing river as we trek our way to the villages..


       You can see my wife trekking into the forest to meet with congregations. She has a lot of stories to tell about mission work. I wish that everyone could have this great experience.


     We had a stop in the Koba congregation, where one of our graduate is serving as a full time evangelist. You can see him mingling with the group.


      This is Koba congregation. Their testimonies concerning their preacher was awesome. They have never had a preacher since the establishment of the congregation, but now they can witness growth and development. Brother Enow Elvis met the congregation after we revived it to 35 members by our BETA batch students every weekend. For two months now, the congregation has grown. Today we worship with 56 members.


      We enjoyed the opportunity to worship with them. For my wife, it was the first time. I was given the opportunity to exhort the congregation.


      This is a family picture in Koba congregation.


    This is the Koba building from a distance. It has gone from a leaky thatch roof with no walls to keep our blowing rain to the one you see now. praise God from whom all blessing flow.

This is a slide-show of the Koba facility, before, during, and after. Thanks for your support and prayers. To God be the glory.


     In CBIW, we have the habit and the passion of helping someone who can read,  to see and read God’s words himself.  This is brother Mote Daniel seeing the words of God as they are written in the Bible. He has known about the church of Christ since 1959 in Ibadan Nigeria where he was living and working there. While he was working as an administrator in the Ibadan University , he came in contact with the church of Christ there, through Bible correspondence courses. He started worshiping but dropped out because of his busy daily schedule. When he dropped off, he did not continue the study. He move to Wotutu last month and his residence is directly opposite the Brightland Christian Academy. He will always come outside his house to listen to the vocal music of the kids of Brightland and to the messages that brother Nsong Nelson preaches and teaches to the kids each day. He invited brother Nsong to visit during lunch break and asked him, “Why is the school a Christian school.” It was explained to him and he decided to come and worship with the church to see how they are doing things .He recalled lots of tracts that he read about the New Testament Church, as he explained to me in my office about himself. He is retired now and he is 85 years old. God brought him closer to His people here in Wotutu. Praise God!


      After his baptism, brother Mote Daniel said,” Oh God I thank you that you are still alive and you allow me to see the truth in this age.” He lives with his grand children whom we have started studies with also.


      I am sharing these pictures about the trip with my wife.


      Mission trips exposes you to different cultures which is a bondage to many. This young lady delivered twins and the local tribal culture demands that she needs to be like this for the next 8 months fulfill  a lot of things, or else she will lose her kids.


      I went on the trip with candy.  As we gave candy to the kids, we told them, “That is how the word of God is sweet and can make them live a happy live.” We sang with them. It was fun to see children but they are children of age and no one has send them to school. The reason is that their parents are poor. This is no health care for any  health center in the entire community of Mbiaka village, which  is in upper Bakundu.


    Chiefs were opportune to hear a message they had never heard. It was the truth about Christ and His church. I addressed king makers in that community, as they raised the Cameroon flag as a sign of honor to the state, because we were inside the palace. The gospel is for all!  I lament about the vastness of the field in comparison to the very few laborers who can go and rescue souls from eternal damnation before the end time comes .Keep praying for us.


      You can see how many are still in the primitive stage, as they still live in houses like the one behind us. The village is isolated and difficult to access. You need good shoes to go up and down the rocky areas and thick forest. Our God was with my wife and me on our journey until were back home safe and sound although with many pains from the hard trekking. Keep us in your prayers. Maybe she will never accept to following me for such a long and tiring trip as this one again.


       We are already into  March and our Lebialem for Christ program is coming closer. Thanks to those who have made it possible. Please keep this program in your prayers.


      Thank you for all that you are doing to sustain this work. God alone will continue to bless you and reward you. Glory to His name!

     Elangwe and family

    By His grace Director CBIW




Posted on March 1, 2015 .