High Anticipation To Complete Year Two In Ghana...

All eleven students reported back to school. They were full of high anticipation to complete the second year successfully and to be better prepared for the mission ahead of them.

Preparedness for 2015
Complementing that high level of students’ aspiration, the administration had already prepared all course materials for both students and teachers ahead of time prior to the re-open. This facilitated both teaching and learning. The purchase of a copier machine has been a great asset.  

To get us more equipped, brother Stephen Ashcraft also donated a slightly used laptop computer to the school, which would be very useful.

Student’s weekend campaigns to nearby sister congregations, also serving as part of their training, continued. Our students are divided into four groups to work with four nearby congregations in the school area. Information reaching us indicates that the smaller congregations are especially reciprocally experiencing the impact of our students participating in their programs.

Two main challenges facing the school are: the problem of water and electricity. The hand-dug water-well for the school dries up around this time of the year, and we have to re-dig down a little further deep. Although this was done, and water started coming, it dried up in a short while. We are told we need to dig still further down till we get to the water table below. However, we are also told as soon as the rains start coming, the well will naturally be filled up.

The other challenge which also is a national issue, is the problem of electricity supply.  The current power supply, which of late is the talk of the town, leaves much to be desired.  The power is very unstable, and sometimes we must go a day or more without electricity.  However, we are thankful, we can rely on the school’s generator for the students’ studies at night and other power needs. This makes the situation quite manageable.

Although some brethren are still expressing misgivings about the establishment of our school, some reasons include its proximity to an already existing Bible school here, we are always praying that the focus of [SIBS] would be made so manifest that the eyes of these brethren would be opened to the need for more labors, and for the defense of the truth of the gospel.

Trip To The Upper West
Part of the teachers and students’ team who made the feasibility trip to the Upper West resumed plans for a follow-up trip this year.  

Please, keep us continually in your thoughts and prayers. 

Seth Osae-Larbi

Posted on March 1, 2015 .