Togo Chariot Yields Fruit, 46 Obey The Gospel...

Hanyigba Congregation Adds Six (6) Souls 
Jean Akli preaches for the Hanyigba Church of near Kpalime. Jean is also on the committee that oversees the Togo Chariot. Jean is a very dynamic preacher and has led several to Christ in the Kpalime area. During a recent campaign, six souls were added to the Hanyigba church of Christ. 

Zomayi Church of Christ had Two (2) Additions to their Number 
Asuka preaches for the Zomayi Church of Christ. He is seen here baptizing these two men . 

Bible Study Results in Twenty-Eight (28) Baptisms
David is a student at CBS in Kpalime. In some of my reports I mentioned that he had about five denominational churches he planted a couple of years ago. A few months after he had enrolled, he was baptized and became part of the Lord’s body. He was so excited with his new found faith that he immediately started preaching with the view to converting the congregations he once preached for. This was a big challenge, but with God on his side, he was able to win several of them to Church of Christ. In order to encourage him, a family in the USA provided funding for a church building. Recently David took some preachers and students to Tchabome and Alikope where he had congregations. After the Bible studies, seventeen (17) members at Tchabome and eleven (11) at Alikope were baptized. 

200 Attend 2014 Bible Camp 
Fourteen congregations in the Kpalime with their preachers converged at EYOH from December 23-26 to study the Bible and discuss pertinent issues affecting the growth of the area churches. In all 14 congregations, numbering about 200 attended the Bible Camp. God blessed the camp with one baptism. 

Jean Preaching at Dawn
Jean wakes up each morning to preach at Dawn between 5 am – 6 am to to the community he lives in. He was seen preaching from a sisters’s hair salon. Jean was also seen on a motor bike conveying the equipment to the venue where he was to preach. 

Campaign Revives Acetone Church with Ten (10) Baptisms
The Avetonu congregation had suffered a lot of setbacks since its inception. Two of its preachers died. Many of its members left the village and for a period only a handful could meet. Recently, Job, one of our former students, decided to take over the work and revive the dying church. A campaign was organized with the Chariot and the team of preachers and students. God blessed their efforts with ten (10) baptisms and several were also restored. Now the church is revived and the excitement is back. 

The good news is that two of the converts carried the good news to two villages, Agbave and Tsevi. A daughter of a denominational preacher was baptized and now the father and mother are being studied with, and hopefully they will be converted, too. God is great! 

CBS is Bereaved 
Abraham was one of the 2011 graduates of CBS. After the graduation, he went back to his village to preach for a small congregation and also continued with his farming activities. Abraham did not have any support to cater for himself. He became sick and the family reported to CBS. We tried to do our best in trying to offer some assistance, since he did not have any support, but the sickness became severe and Abraham passed on to be with the Lord. He was only 38 years. May his soul rest in peace. 

First Quarter Courses at CBS
January 7 - April 19, 2015

1) Biblical doctrine
2) Christian Evidences
3) Apocalypses
4) Romans
5) 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus
6) Minor Prophets
7) Major cults
8) Ezekiel and Daniel
9) Bible geography and History
10) Ethics of the preacher 

Worlanyo Bor to Join Teaching Staff at CBS
Worlanyo Bor, until recently, was a missionary in Bangui - Central African Republic. He and his family fled Bangui to escape the massacre that was going on. He now resides in Hohoe, Volta Region. He is familiar with CBS and, therefore, expressed interest in joining the teaching staff. Worlanyo is bi-lingual, but prefers working in a Francophone country. We look forward to having him in Kpalime in April. 

Chariot Continues to Make Impact 
Since the coming in of the Chariot, our evangelism activities have increased and the rate of conversions have also increased. 

Our activities in 2015 will take us to the following towns: 

1) Gbalave
2) Kpadape
3) Klomayondi
4) Yeviepe *Yorkele
5) Nyive
6) Tove
7) Agou
8) Amuzukope
9) Alikpodzi
10) Adzanu
11) Gle koji
12) Keve
13) Keve
14) Noepe
15) Akepe
16) Sanguera
17) Tabligbo
18) Lome and surrounding towns
19) Lamakara in the Northern Togo. 

We are planning some trips to towns near the Ghana / Togo border. 

Nyiveme Congregation Continues to Grow 
I had the opportunity to worship with the Nyiveme church of Christ. Cephas taught the Bible class on the topic, “The Receptive Heart,” and I preached the sermon using the “Beatitudes” in Matt. 5:10-12 and Luke 6:22-23. The topic was “Rejected, but Rejoicing.” 

Class in Session at CBS
Attah was one of our best recent graduates. He came to the school as a Catholic, but was converted before his graduation. He suffered a lot of persecution from the Catholic Church, but was resolved not to look back. At a point in time, the wife left him because she claimed there was no future in the husband. In all these, Attah continued to work as a teaching assistance at CBS. Later, the wife returned and was baptized and is now member of the Nyivemeh Church and one of the women leaders. I remember when I interviewed her about her sudden change, she responded, “ I did not know my husband had found something good.” 

Preaching Tulasi and Wife Outdoor with their Child 
One of our traditions in the church is to present a new born baby to the Lord after the worship service, to seek the Lord’s blessing upon child and parents. Kwaku Tulasi is a graduate of CBS and preaches for the Yorkele church of Christ near Kpalime. Cephas, the principal of CBS, was there to perform the ceremony. Usually, the ceremony is followed with a reception during which the congregation enjoys a local dish provided by the family. Some members also make a presentation of gift items to the little baby. 

Report by Willie Gley

Posted on February 15, 2015 .