Scheduled Activities In Takoradi, Ghana Prepare Students For Work...

Dear Brethren,

As indicated in our last report, school reopened on the 19th of January 2015. All the students reported back to school on time and classes also began immediately. As has also been reported to you briefly, we have had an additional student. His name is Joseph K. Badu. Originally he was with the central church in Takoradi, but came into contact with one of our past students who has established a new congregation near Takoradi. Joseph placed his membership with this new congregation and our past student, Simon, recommended to him to attend this school to have a formal training to enable him use his great potential to enhance the work in the Lord’s church. He is gradually adapting to the environment, his colleagues, students, and also to classroom work, which by God’s grace has been going on successfully. 

Program for the Term
Besides our normal classroom work, we plan the following programs within the term:

1.    Campaign For Christ

We usually have two campaigns each year. The first is due to assisting an existing congregation and as has been reported to you. We agreed that this upcoming campaign be used to assist the congregation at Effiakuma. Funds for the campaign have already been provided by Howe and we have acknowledged receipt of it. This campaign is starting on Monday, the 16th of February and ends on Friday, the 20th of February. Some past students of the school expressed interest in joining us and we have agreed to that.

2.    Arrival of Todd Clippard and Scott Ellis

This already known trip was scheduled for last year but was suspended. Brother Todd has written to confirm that Lord’s willing, they are arriving in Ghana March 17th through the 20th to begin the agricultural project. The school continues with its preparation towards their arrival.

3.    Graduation 

The school’s 13th graduation which was also postponed last year has now been fixed for Saturday, 18th of April, 2015. Twenty students, two from the graduate courses are expected to graduate on that day.

During the period under review, there were four baptisms by and in connection with the work of the school.

Transportation Petrol (Items 209)
We are aware that the amount quoted here for transportation petrol this time is on the high side. We want to explain that this amount spent on transportation included transporting our students to attend the funeral of a past student who passed on. We reported about this passing in the last report.

Support for the School
Brother Ebenezer Amable, also a past student who will be in the group of the next graduation, and who was recently recruited to assist as an instructor, has offered to assist the school with a monthly support of GHC 20, beginning January, 2015. His first contribution of GHC 20 is acknowledged in the financial report.

Thank you all and may God’s blessings be upon you all.


Posted on February 15, 2015 .