Taking The Gospel And Teaching Others To Read And Write...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. I am sure this mail will get to you late because it is already 10:30 pm in Cameroon. It was not easy for us to return to Wotutu from our different weekend evangelism mission fields because of bad roads, but thank God we are all here safe and sound even though with pains.

I am sure you are doing great and God’s blessings are evident in your life and that of your family and the church family.

Last week in BVBIC-Wotutu went on well. The brother who was sick returned to school stronger. Keep praying for brother Oponde Daniel.

We were set for mission work over the weekend. If you were to look around us well you would see that climate change has really affected us as now in November rain is still falling. That is why mission work is expensive because the roads are bad.

The news about reading glasses is still moving and evangelists from different congregations and different villages continue to come to Wotutu to get theirs, like evangelist Etah Edwin from Bekumu, which is about 2 hours on the Atlantic Ocean to Idenau.

The tracts from Mission Printing keep going out from Wotutu to different ministers in different places, which will go a long way to enhance their evangelistic efforts. I got a message from a village far away from Wotutu where one man read through our tracts and called to say he has seen the truth and has many questions to ask. His appeal has been directed to a nearby preacher who just opened a study with him. This will surely be an open door for that community to get the truth because the church of Christ is not located there. Keep this in your prayers. Three precious souls obeyed the gospel this week in the Wotutu area.

Education is the bedrock that will help the church in the future. In Wotutu we know the value of Christian education and we are doing all within our ability to make it known in the communities around Wotutu for many to benefit from it. We started with the very young and empty minds of the kids in Brightland Christian Academy and now we are taking it gradually to the parents with what we call Adult Literacy Classes. Some people know how to read and write. Through our visions we are teaching people for free to come and learn how to read and write in the evenings after they return from their farms. Many are eager to learn as you will see them running to the class after a busy day in their farms. It shows that they have interest. Through this media we are sure to penetrate those who believe in our visions and they are being part of it either through their kids who are attending our school or now through the parents as they get songs, prayers and Bible devotions, along side teaching the circular subjects. Please, I am confident this way we shall go far in reaching out to many.

Learning is great. I know that reading opens you to the world. One lady showed her exercise to my wife who is teaching them and once she said you are correct it provoked smiles and happiness for someone who has never had opportunity to write anything. Women and girls are really happy with this program because they have always been, in history, victims of no access to school because of either early marriages or their parents looked upon this as a waste of time to send women to school. Please, you can come and help us change their lives with the gospel as we improve on their intellect.

We still have mass evangelism in Bomaka congregation, as they have invited us to come and help in house to house evangelism.

I will also be in another far away village for weekend evangelism.

The school in Mbanga and the church in Mujuka are also inviting us to be part of house to house evangelism next weekend.

God bless you for all that you do for us. God will reward you in due season, so faint not. Thank you for your prayers, deep concern, and support.

Do your best to share this with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on November 8, 2015 .