Students And Staff Return From Great Weekend Of Evangelism...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. I am sure this report meets you well and sound in all that you do. I just returned from mission work, weekend evangelism now. It is after 1 am in Cameroon and I started struggling from the villages I was during the weekend and praise God I just entered my house now with my family deep asleep. Only my wife was up to open the door for me.

Last week in BVBIC-Wotutu was awesome as our students developed in many ways of their lives they prepare for ministry. After classes we jumped into the van that takes us out of Wotutu to a reasonable distance and stopped for us to continue with motor cycle as we go out for weekend evangelism. This week, weekend evangelism took me and some students to 8 locations. It was fruitful as we could nurture congregations and bring some new souls to the Lord. Join us to celebrate the greatness of God in this work.

Some of our students alongside the students of Mbanga prepared for open air public preaching to the community of Mujuka.

Getting into mission fields now is not very easy. That is why in order for our van to last longer we cannot take the van to some places, even though we must go there to preach and teach. Like one van that blocked the way because of the mud on the road and we stayed hours to help get it out till a truck came and helped tool the van. All is a result of rain.

After being weary on the way to get to the village for work our spirit was rekindled as we got to villages safe and sound and we saw souls who were ready to listen to the truth, even though you will meet them busy doing their domestic work after a hard day work in their farms. One of them is married to her husband as a second wife. She asked us many questions regarding a tract about polygamy was given to her. Keep Valery in your prayers, so that she will see the truth and come out of error.

I left Mujuka to Nguti to meet with the church there. I exhorted the congregation this morning, it was my maiden visit and I was welcomed with love and smiles. The church will grow as long as we put preachers in empty pulpits. BVBIC-Wotutu has the dream to do that and as the years go by we realize this visions little by little. Keep us in your prayers.

Erecting church buildings, either wooden, which is cheap, or blocks is not easy with most congregations here in Cameroon. I look up to the mountain, where will my help come from?

Some believe that they have positions. The community feels it a type to worship in a place which is compared to where goats and sheep are being kept. People make a mockery of the church in this way.

One of our former students, now an evangelist in that area, is serving the Lord there with great joy, but he is in misery. The gospel is powerful; that is why many will overlook their predicaments and continue tirelessly to reach out to souls and nurture the souls, as we wait patiently for their maturity. Your prayers as needed daily for the work here.

Some leaders in the congregation of Nguti were happy as they were blessed with my message and a soul was added there. Six precious souls were added into the kingdom this week. Keep the young converts in your prayers as our students keep the routine of going back for proper follow up to keep them in the faith.

1) Elder Randy and wife will be in Cameroon this month to teach a short course. Keep them in your prayers.

2) We shall be part of the annual Bible lectureship in Cameroon next year. Wotutu will host the national annual event, it will be great as many are looking forward to make it to Wotutu for graduation. Also, the lectureship at the Wotutu congregation will be 10 years old. Wow it will be time for taking stocks and dreaming more for the growth of the work. Please pray as you see how you can fit yourself to be part of the program, so that we shall record success and glory will go to God.

God bless you for all that you are doing towards the work here. We thank you for your prayers, concern, and support. Without you the work here would not have even seen the work done of the day. God alone will reward you in due season if you don’t faint.

Do your best to share this with others.

Keep me in your prayers. I returned with lots of pain in my body from this trip. The motor cycle threw me on the ground 3 times. I have pain now.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on November 15, 2015 .