Studying In Conflict Management And Problem Resolution...

Settling in for another quarter of studies might be one of the most challenging thoughts for the students in Denver. The intensity of the training in Denver cannot be overstated. These men work long and hard hours each day to learn the material and prepare assignments for each class. The organizational management required to keep the assignments for six classes straight is significant. We urge you to continue praying for these men and their families.

The week ahead is one of the school favorites as brother Dave Miller will be here to share his expertise in the area of conflict management and problem resolution. Dave teaches this subject for the police department in the Pennsylvania area. Each year he travels to Denver for the purpose of teaching this subject in the Leadership class and conducting a related seminar for the entire student body. We are always thrilled to host brother Miller who assists staff and students alike in a much needed field of study.

Reports from each location this week indicate numerical growth in the kingdom. Reading about the souls added and restored to the church makes this work exciting. We pray that as you read through these reports you will also find the news encouraging and up-lifting. Because of your efforts to help the Bear Valley Extension Program the salvation found in Christ continues to be preached around the world. Thank you.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports

For The Love Of Evangelism In Wotutu, Cameroon: Witnessing the growth of the church in Cameroon is exciting and this week’s report demonstrates their love for evangelizing.

Preaching In Cameroon Is Growing In Faith: As the gospel spreads throughout French-speaking Cameroon, the faith of Christians continues to grow.

First Semester Classes Come To An End And Evangelism Is Fruitful: Once classes were completed, staff and students in Nigeria see God’s increase as souls are added to the church.

Regeneration And Rejuvenation In Paraguay: With growth occurring in the Lord’s church, missionaries from South America came together for a special conference that encouraged all.

God’s Spokesman In The Lord’s Vineyard Of Tanzania: Students working in the fields of Tanzania conduct 56 Bible studies, distribute 106 correspondence courses, and more.

Evangelists Resume Their Monthly Meeting In Arusha: After a short break, local evangelists head back to various congregations to help strengthen the faith of Christians.

New Missionary In Tanzania Assists In The Plan Of Sustainability: Justin Maynard and his family now live in Arusha to assist the development of sustainability in the work.

Final Thoughts
We close each week with a simple note of gratitude. Even though the statement is not long, we wish the intent behind it could be magnified in some way to truly show each of you how thankful we are for the opportunity provided us to do this work. Without you, the program could not exist. Thank you for making it all possible.

God bless

Posted on November 1, 2015 .