Preaching In Cameroon Is Growing In Faith...

Greetings in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ. Great is their faithfulness. We appreciate our Lord for another great week of nurturing souls. Evangelism is our Mission and our Mission is Evangelism.

Even though the rainy season has made mission work difficult, we still go around preaching the gospel from place to place. We are happy for brother Philip who returned safely from a far away village call Abang. The journey was not easy, but he made it even though late at night. He went on encouraging fallen Christians in which they finally worshiped with about 24 of them. We commit all of these into serious prayers for not go back in the world anymore.

The preaching in Mujuka is growing in faith, but will need a lot of follow up as fast as possible. That is why we mostly visit after studies at times since as it is really closed to us.

Two of our students will travel to Tonga this weekend in the western region and another to Bangante where a lectureship will take place in French speaking Cameroon. Assignments have been given to present. We appreciate your hard work in our country as the students are growing and advancing in their preaching and helping assemblies to be strong.

We are preparing to carry out a 4-day campaign in our young congregation in Mujuka that will begin probably by the 11th of next month.  

We beckon on you to commit the students into your prayers for them not to be discouraged as they face crisis with their families and their studies. By His grace we are going to train faithful men for a faithful work.

I am happy to share with you our weekly report and thank you very much for your great concern in the assembly at Frisco, Panttonville, etc. The work in our school is preparing faithful men for a faithful work of our Lord. The world mostly believes today in evolution and the world is really evolving, but the Word of God remains the same.

We had a very busy week with classes and mission work both in Mbanga and out of Mbanga, as some of our students are still on their way.

Whenever the dry season is approaching, Africans and Cameroonians rush to follow up most of their undone work from the last rainy season, that is why our congregation and school were invited to attend the lectureship program in three areas of the country, but the work is plenty the laborers are few as six of our students could not go to every where. But we did our best to do what we can do.

Above all, two precious souls were added to the congregation in Tonga where two of our students visited this week and it is really far off from our region. That is why they are still on their way home in which they be commencing with midterm exams by tomorrow. Please commit these in your prayers. I went to the Kumba zone and another student to Mujuka, but all was successful.

Worship with our congregation was great this morning as the number keeps on increasing. One of our young converts, by the name of sister Brenda, has been in prison for about 6 weeks and her file will be open for case studies by tomorrow. She is pregnant, about six months along. We wish to join our prayers towards this direction.

Brother Benjamin, one of our students, will go for a medical text tomorrow (Monday). He suffers for an illness we thought was malaria, but after taking some drugs from our first aid there is still to no improvement, so he will have to visit a physician so that he will pass through a lab and the result will tell us what to do next.

Let us build the world in Christianity, most especially the French speaking world. May the spirit of the Lord give us grace, long life, and to prosper in His vineyard.

Remain blessed in Jesus name,

Yours in the Lord
Ititi Benedict

Posted on November 1, 2015 .