A Truth That Cannot Be Changed...

God is Divine and no one can change that truth. He does a lot of work in our life and the school in Mbanga in Cameroon. Students returned safely from the campaign and started immediately with short-courses taught by brother Gary Fallis. We had two weeks of intensive studies on the “Schemes of Redemption” and the “Godhead.” Brother Gary was interpreted the first week by brother Norbert, an instructor from the school, and the second by the brother Ititi Benedict, the Director. We are proud to have such a visiting instructor who took His time to discern his notes through the life and the mind of the students. Even though our area is really hot, he took the class in a shade where there is no electricity in the hall. We were under a mango tree, but we enjoyed it because there was natural air condition, since as the tree could not withered like that of Jonah in Nineveh. May God keep on blessing this big family of His.

Due to too much fatigue, we dismissed the students for one week so to begin third quarter on the 5th of October, instead of the 28th of September.

Regarding the third quarter schedule, by His grace, we shall kick off powerfully next week on Monday and also prepare for our campaign as far as to the North Region, which might cost us a lot of money. We are also preparing to attend a lectureship at Tonga, in French speaking Cameroon and also the Annual Lectureship in November. This will give a very tight schedule this third quarter with weekend evangelism. Oh my beloved, “Evangelism is our Mission and our Mission is Evangelism.”

The students are now going to the prison for prison ministry, as one of the students and myself went there with brother Nicolas yesterday. Every time the prison ministry is programmed, the school is represented by one or two students, or the director. This will help the students learn how to prepare lessons to preach in prison and even to refugees, as some of them have been out in the hospital.

As we keep on working in the the Lord’s vineyard, so our blessings keep on flowing in abundance. 

Brother Ititi

Posted on October 4, 2015 .