Tension In Nepal Causes Rebellion Among Self-Interest Groups.

Nepal Tension: Eight years ago Nepal got rid of it's king, which meant a new constitution was needed. 7.5 years and millions of dollars later they ratified a new constitution a couple of months ago. It is horrible. Due to a very unpopular public reception, amendments were being proposed within two weeks by the same people who wrote it.  

Many self-interest groups [political parties, ethnic and tribal groups, geographical areas, castes] are in rebellion. Within the past five weeks we have witnessed mob violence that has included hanging one police commissioner, burning a police building with officers inside, and many casualties on both sides. These mobs will never agree or cooperate in a positive way with one another, but they are joined together in this deadly protest. All highways leading into Nepal are basically closed.  India has closed her side of the borders to all international traffic.  The result of border closures, blocking major roads of commerce, and violent mob riots has crippled the whole country. We have no petrol for motor vehicles, no cooking gas, and a dire lack of food supplies. Fuel products are just NOT available. Food and some other items now cost 500% more than they did two months ago.  Many businesses have closed their doors and people are out of work. School are closed because their buses can't bring the children and the staff can't get transportation.

I could go on and on with other details but it will not change things. The unknown end is not in view at this time .... BUT ..... I'm confident there will be an end to the present mess. Nepal is staggered by the earthquakes and followed by this political corruption and ignorance that has exacerbated every area of life with the mob violence cutting off needed supplies.

Keep us in your prayers.

Posted on October 18, 2015 .