Help Us Go And Save Souls That Are Perishing In Mbanga, Cameroon...

The glory of the Lord is upon every soul. Salutations from the staff and students. We are happy to let you know that we are moving on smoothly with the third quarter, even though one of our instructors is on bed-leave. We had a nice week with our studies and worship as we continue to sow the seed and nurture some of the mature fruit in the vineyard.

We traveled yesterday with all the students to Buea to witness the graduation ceremony of the Buea College of Biblical Studies that is working in partnership with Sunset International school. Thank God we all came back safely.

Our upcoming event, that will last for about four days in our new congregation, will begin with a campaign and will take place next month in Mujuka, from the 5th to the 8th. Please keep on praying for us to realize this dream. You can help us in any way possible to go and save these souls that are perishing in this locality. This will be with the help of some preachers who will come and spend the four days with us. They will stay in Mbanga, then go down to Mujuka with a transport bus twice a day that is the morning and evening section. 

This end of year quarter will have a lot of evangelism, most especially as we enter the dry season and that the school in Mbanga is exposed day and night. That is how brethren in congregations invite us to send our students to their assemblies to come and preach the word and that we will need to respond if means and the time is available. Thank the Lord for your great sacrifices, bothphysically, morally, spiritually, and financially. Our mission is evangelism and evangelism is our mission. 


Posted on October 18, 2015 .