After Campaigns Bear Fruit, Students Are Back In Class In Kenya...

Greetings from the Kenya School of Preaching, 

We pray and trust our God’s faithfulness can be testified by you all on your side. We are doing well here and the 20 students are back from August-September break with a lot eagerness to begin year two, quarter one.

This quarter am teaching “Church History” and “Greek I,” while Elias is teaching “Romans-Galatians” and “Wisdom Literature.” 

We lost two students in the previous quarters, one for personal reasons while one, Clement, got employed by the government to head the water department in his community. I am happy to write that the two have been replaced by two students who dropped after a year and has overcome the weakness and challenges in their life and family, and has been requesting to be re-admitted back to finish second year. 

Our other joy is, despite the employment, Clement has been active in preaching and making calls for help when doing Bible studies and can’t get a book, chapter and verse to give in response to Bible questions. He also showed his love for the school and faculty by coming to officially encourage students, show solidarity with the work of training preachers, and bid everyone bye.

During the break, I led a gospel campaign and students’ recruitment drive in Mombasa, the coastal part of Kenya. It is humbling to see a great number of people sacrificing their time to hear the Gospel through door to door evangelism and open air, and make a sincere request for a Bible. The four day campaign and drive was fruitful with 8 souls obeying the gospel and 16 KSOP application forms given out to prospective students from four churches. We also had the opportunity to work with two KSOP students who come from Mombasa and through their spiritual progress, the school got much praise. While in Mombasa, two denomination leaders had a lot of interest in the simplicity of the gospel we were preaching and wanted us to visit them for further studies, some of the eight were their members. We hope to go back soon, if resources will be available to continue the good work among the souls.

Elias was in his home congregation for another gospel campaign with one soul obeying the gospel.

I just arrived from Arusha where I attended the Tanzanian Leadership conference where I was one of the speakers. I spoke on “The Law of Priorities.” It was wonderful to meet and chat with my former classmates who have kept the faith, meet and learn from new brethren and share great moments with my teachers.

At KSOP, we appreciate all the brethren who showed genuine love for my soul and prayed with us to continue living a life of integrity and above reproach. Thanks brother Cy and Reese for your sacrifice to come over and help.

Based on problem we had, it's worth noting that the environment of the school was part of it and this makes relocation to our own place not an option for the future, it's a need. 

Lastly, I thank God for your prayers and support in various ways that makes it possible for us to keep training preachers.

His servant and yours,

Charles Ogutu,
Director KSOP

Posted on October 11, 2015 .