Open-Air Bible Lectureship And Door-to-Door Evangelism In Nigeria...

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from Nigeria and the Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan and Lagos campus and from my fellow WBS follow up team in the Southwestern states of Nigeria.

One of our August 2014 graduates named brother Samuel Oladokun visited and taught the students two hours each day from Monday through Friday on “a cappella” music.

On Saturday, we (staff and students) evangelized Ogunbunmi and Arikusa villages of Ona-Ara local government, Oyo state between 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

Our WBS team in Osun state is presently working with three secondary schools in Ilesha under the leadership of brother Matthew Roland, while that of Igbesa and Owode Yewa in Ogun state are working with five secondary schools under the leadership of brother Matthew Adeyemi and brother Lawrence Peter Abiodun (BVBI certificate student), which led to the conversion of a student on Saturday according to brother Matthew Adeyemi’s report on Sunday evening.

At the Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan, brother Idowu Segun, one of our year one students taught on “The Lordship of Christ” on January 18, while I spoke on “True Worship versus Satan’s Lie Today” at our monthly open-air Bible lectureship and door-to-door evangelism at Olukotun / Idi-Orogbo junction.

At the campus church, brother Victor Edet taught on “Self Examination,” while brother Emmanuel Okpachui admonished the church from Romans 6:1-10.

Brother Kauode Solomon Eniafe, one of the SWSE Ibadan instructors, taught on “Building up the Church” at Egbeda congregation, while brother Adedoyin Sola Rotimi (BVBI Student) taught on “The Unity of the Church” at the Jago congregation and brother Samuel Olorode (BVBI Student) taught on “The Worship of the Church of Christ” at Asejire congregation in Osun state.  

Brethren, the SWSE Ibadan ends the second semester classes on Friday, January 30, 2015 Lord's willing, and third semester classes commenced on February 9, 2015 at the main campus through April 10, 2015 even though two of our instructors will be out of Nigeria for updating and acquiring more knowledge of the Scriptures in Ghana with Bear Valley Bible Institute International instructors.

Beloved, I and brother Kayode S. Eniafe and some of my co-WBSFUW in Southwestern states will be attending a four day Great Workshop for WBSFUW in Nigeria at the WNCC campus Abeokuta, Ogun state from January 27-31, 2015, where brother Doug Wheeler and brother Ronnald Pottberg will serve as our international guest speakers.

Brother Idowu Segun, one of our year-one students is now taking our Wednesday Bible class at Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan, while brother Adedoyin Rotimi is working as a student preacher of the Jago congregation. Brother David Edo is assisting the Asejire congregation in Osun state. The staff and students of the Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan campus evangelized Laminin and Kuede villages of Ona Ara L.G.A over the weekend.

I taught on “Ekklesiakuriako - The Called-Out that Belong unto The Lord” at the Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan this morning to show the benefits of being a member of the Lord's church and brother Samuel Oladokun, one of August 2014 graduates with a BVBI certificate, taught the secondary class on “Doctrines of the Bible…Worship.” We had 57 in today's attendance with a total collection of N3115= .

Brother Kayode Solomon Eniafe, one of the SWSE graduates in year 2010 and presently serving as one of the school instructors because of his zeal to the things of the Lord, concluded his teaching on “The Unity of the Church” at the Egbeda congregation. Brother Adedoyin Sola Rotimi continued his teaching on “How to Grow the Lord’s Church” at the Jago congregation.

Brother Matthew Adeyemi, a fellow WBSFUW in South Western state Nigeria, is an evangelist working with the Igbesa congregation in Ogun state. He just phoned me to inform me of the conversion of a WBS student.

At the campus church on the SWSE Ibadan main campus, our campus minister, brother Abraham Idu Yeje taught on “Hoping for a Better Tomorrow” and brother Akinade Oluwaseun admonished the campus church on “Prepare to Meet Your God.”

We appreciate your partnership and we are glad to be part of the soul winning team!

Please keep on remembering Nigeria in your prayers as we are preparing for February elections. We thank you all for your great love for African churches! May God, in His infinite mercies, continue blessing you all in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

Thank you for your tireless effort in serving the Lord.

May the Lord of blessing continue blessing our joint effort.

Sincerely in Christ,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi 
(Founder & Director of Studies)
Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan & Lagos campus,
Nigeria, West Africa

Posted on January 25, 2015 .