Visiting Instructors Strengthen Students At SIBS...

Following a two week break, classesresumed for thethirdquarter in our first year.   All twelve students in the regular class reported back to school, though a couple of them had personal problems in the first week.

Acquah Benyi Joins (SIBS) Regular Staff
A new addition to (SIBS) regular staff is,Kojo Acquah Benyi. Kojo has a vast background experience, having preached the gospel for over thirty-five years, and worked with several churches. At the moment, he also teaches the Bible regularly twice each week at the Hope College here in Accra. Having started with us as an instructor on our short courses for two quarters, we found him to be suitable enough to teach on our regular classes. Undoubtedly, Kojo will bring his wealth of experience to bear at (SIBS) to promote the growth of our young institution.

Week-End Student Practicals
(SIBS) students continue with their week-ends preaching and teaching assignments in neighborhood young churches. Our students are divided into four groups who visit four separate congregations around here each week-end. These towns are: Pobiman, Akyeaman, Sarpeiman and Kotoku all in the greater Accra region. The purpose of this exercise is not just to help these congregations in their worship, but essentially to also help our students improve upon their own personal ministries and build their experience.

First (SIBS) Leadership Seminar
In conjunction with the Sarpeiman church of Christ, (SIBS) is organizing her maiden leadership seminar, Lord willing on the 27th of September, 2014. At this seminar, we plan to discuss current issues including: the question on “church autonomy” and “church co-operation.” Indisputably, the Lord’s church has made remarkable gains in this country yet, certain issues including the organization of the church continue to receive great attention. We are hoping the seminar would be informative enough to address misgivings of some in this area.

Master’s In Biblical Studies
Master’s classes was held here from August 11-22. Thirteen matured students are enrolled in this course on credit-scoring basis, while three others attend for the purpose of auditing the course. Three preachers among the undergraduate staff at SIBS are also enrolled in the Master’s program. Students in this program are preachers with long-time experience, Bible school diplomas, and first degrees certificates.

Ralph Williams who taught the classes on Advance Homiletics and Hebrews took the opportunity to visit the (SIBS). Although Ralph had but a short time to spend with the students, he was highly impressed with the quality of the students at (SIBS).

Hope (SIBS) will continue to be in your thoughts and prayers, as we go through our own teething problems and challenges.

Seth Osae-Larbi

Posted on September 14, 2014 .