Reaching Out To Those In A Cameroon Prison...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Christ here in Wotutu. We thank God we are able to say hello with lots of peace in our hearts.

We do hope this report finds you in good health.

Our week in the Wotutu congregation and in CBIW went on well. We are thanking God that the climate is not too disturbing again in the health of many people. Keep your prayers going to God.

CBIW students wind up their 7th semester lectures and will start long course exams starting tomorrow the 25th of August  2014. Keep them in your prayers as they continue to grow and prepare themselves for full time ministry after their graduation this December.

We received a paper as authorization that the government of Cameroon gave to us through the central prison in Buea. This gives us access to the main yard to reach out to the inmates with the gospel message. The government has made a law that visitors should not take pictures inside the prison yard, that is why I don’t have pictures for the work today. But one officer will take pictures if we need it and sell it to us as we need it.

I left school with 4 students and one member of the Wotutu congregation for our maiden worship with the congregation. Brother Vincent established the church there while he was detained from no crime. We met 23 men in the congregation because women are not allowed where the men are. We are authorized to spend one and a half hours in the yard, but because we met an officer that loved the tract I gave him last time, he allowed us inside the yard before our time. We spent time sharing tracts that we took from Mission Printing and invited some to come and worship with us. This prison ministry will do good to many there. Today, a total of 87 people came and worshipped with us, but records show that they are almost 900 inmates, meaning this is almost the same as a smaller village, so we need to pray and penetrate the hearts of many with the gospel message. They are very receptive. From the 87 that came and worship with us, 8 obeyed the gospel. It was amazing for me to see it and I shed tears, as many in that type of deplorable condition love the gospel and appreciate us for thinking about them. We took clothes, shoes, and some food to them. We shall make it to always send food as we are going there twice a week,Wednesdays and Sundays, as we give spiritual food to them. It will be good for us to give them physical food to give them strength to sit up and worship and get the message. Keep this work in your prayers. Many may be innocent from the allegations levied against them.

The students have been involved in practical ministerial counseling. On belief therapy, I taught them how to welcome people in their office and listen to them and keep what is secret, secret as a minister.

During the week, the Lord added sister Caroline Ijang. Keep her in your prayers as she grows. She is wise enough to read and to ask questions. She came right into my office to get clarification about the Church of Christ and the way they worship. “The Churches of Christ - Who are These People,” what a great tract. I gave it to her to read. It is on my table and I study with many in my office and give them to further study to come back with questions, if any.

I gave her a copy of the Bible to study more. We are in need of more Bibles, as many, even those in prison, asked me for Bibles, “that in our quite time, the best companion will be the Bible, so we might read more about God.” As they read the tracts, they will need to cross check from the Bible. Please, many need Bibles there in that growing congregation inside the prison.

1) We shall be going to the prison twice weekly. We need your prayers and support of those inside there Mt. 25:31-39. Food stuff is their greatest need.

2) I will be in Koba with a student this weekend to do evangelism in other villages near to Koba. Our other mission work areas are getting on well. Two souls were added also to the congregation at Mile 16. The worship today was great as the student evangelist reported the growth. A total of 11 souls were added to the Lord's body in 3 locations this week.

God bless you for all that you are doing for the work here. God will reward you as you continue to stand with us mostly as we start this new ministry in prison. God bless you for your prayers and support. Share with others our report, Pro. 11:30.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on August 24, 2014 .