Always Be Ready...

East Africa Gospel Meeting
This week saw the culmination of months of planning on the part of our local brethren. The Kisongo congregation, with the support of all of the area congregations, hosted this year's East Africa Gospel Meeting. Brethren came to visit from several East African countries. It was a time of reunion, professional development, and evangelism. Each morning was spent in lectures centered around the theme of "The Promises of God." Then, each afternoon the participants went out and conducted Bible studies in the area. It is an interesting approach to a Gospel meeting. Next year it will be hosted in Uganda.  

Being Ever-Ready
You never know what's going to happen on the mission field. Due to unforeseen circumstances, no translators showed up for Wednesday evening services. In fact, apart from an American visitor (Jerry Bates) and myself, there were no men around at all, but there were plenty of women and children. What to do? What to do? There is a crowd gathered but I had no way to teach them. Time to improvise!

Victoria, a 10-year old little girl, knows some English. She helps Tiffany in the children's class, but has never translated in an adult audience. Yet, she bravely agreed to give it a try. Jerry and I excused ourselves while Paula Bates did a short class for the children, then Tiffany shared some thoughts with the ladies (while holding a sleeping toddler). The day was saved thanks to a child stepping out of her comfort zone, and two godly ladies ready with the Word of God in there hearts.  

Teacher Seminar
A strong emphasis on children's Bible school is not really a traditional part of the culture here. So, this is an area that training is badly needed. Great strides have been made, and the local women are trying hard. They have been making use of the resource room that has been set up at the Arusha Bible School. Saturday, Tiffany conducted a teacher training seminar for the ladies at the Arusha church. It was well attended and appreciated.

August at the Arusha Kanisa la Kristo
This month, I have been invited to teach a Sunday series at the Arusha church on the parables of Jesus. This week we focused on the trio of "lost" parables in Luke 15. I am enjoying the study and it is always great to get to visit with other congregations in the area.

Daniel Gaines

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Posted on August 10, 2014 .