God's Blessing On The Cameroon Campaign...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. We do hope this report meets you all in good health and sound faith. We are doing better even though many here are still sick. Some students are sick and the medicines through our nurse do not seem to help the situation, so I will be sending them to see the doctor that will send them to do some findings from the lab. Keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers because the intensity of the rainy season is causing lots of health problems to many here.

I am writing this report a little bit late because I was waiting for all the students who went out to return with their reports. The rainy season is making the roads almost impassable now because most of the roads we are using to get to the villages are earth roads.

Students keep growing as they are preparing themselves for the mission after their graduation in December 2014, by His grace. Weekend evangelism helps our students get connected to congregations which will need them to come and work with them full time. As of now many of our students have openings with congregations, some newly established, revived and existing congregations to work with. Keep praying for them.

During the first batch of students there was a campaign where married students went out at least once with their wives for evangelism and that helped expose the wives to the mission, as they started seeing what will be expected of them as preacher’s wives, but this batch may not do it because of a lack of finances, as we have more married students than the first batch. While we have more students than the first batch, it is an exercise which is awesome if we can do it. We are still hoping we can do it because the campaign in September will be the last mass campaign for the current batch as they will be graduating in December 2014.

It was my pleasure to visit one of our graduates in his congregation. Evangelist Awatt Manfree was happy to welcome me and my son Raymond Chris Jr. in his congregation. They gave me the opportunity to teach Bible class, it was refreshing to him and it was good for the Christians to see me again after a long while. Wow I love what I did and I will continue to visit many more to see how God is blessing these brothers in different capacities to help the church of Christ grow in Cameroon.

Evangelist, Awatt Manfree, led in songs in the Tole congregation. He is doing a great job with the Mission Printing tracts, as they have boxes of those tracts in their hall that they use to reach out to the community. Three visitors asked me a question during my teaching about what they read from the tracts. I had good studies with 2 ladies in Limbe at a restaurant about the church of Christ and what all mankind needs to know. As I share with them from some of those tracts, we were waiting for food. I decided to share with them the food that if they eat it they will never be hungry again, it was great for me to see how many are thirsty for the pure word, but they don’t have the opportunity to get it. They were connected to one of the three congregations in Limbe town and it would have been good to share pictures of these people, but it is not welcome to some to get a picture of them if they don’t know you. The owner of the restaurant took some tracts with my contact and she said she will be placing them on every table so customers will be reading it while they wait for their food, rather than watch TV. Wow that is what God can do. I also placed the number of those preachers in Limbe, so that they can contact them and continue the studies.

The construction that is going on in the Wotutu congregation is helping those who are working there to come closer to the gospel. One man, who came to help in the construction site, was so happy to know about the church of Christ, who are these people, he came the next day and demanded for a tract. He read through it and promised to come and study the Bible with us on Wednesday, and the next day when he came to work he decided to obey the gospel. Keep brother Nelson Ashu in your prayers. He is the first to become a Christian in their family and he is eager to learn. He took some tracts to share with his family in Wotutu and they are listening to our early morning program “Back to the Bible.” Your prayers will help open their eyes and minds to see the truth. The Lord added two souls in Koba this weekend also, a total of 3 souls came into the family of God this week in two different locations. All the other areas of our weekly involvement continue to witness changes for the Glory of God.

Sister Florence Embie, a blind sister, came to church today in Tole for worship. The husband abandoned her with her children, but we thank God that her children can hold her hands and show her the way to the worship hall. Today, with the torrential down pour of rain, they came smiling to come over to worship. She walked about half a kilometer to the worship hall with her children. Children are really a gift from God. Cameroon schools will resume in September and many parents face it hard to get their children back to school with the high prices of all things. What will be the fate of children like this? Please, please keep praying for Cameroon. We are getting news of a planned nation wide protest against high prices. Many African countries will start like that and finally get into a full flesh civil war and stuff like that. Pray and pray again. Cameroon is a very peaceful country in Africa, don’t let satan step in.

More evangelism is planned in the months ahead even though rainfall continues to disturb. I told the students we must arm ourselves with good clothing as we move because we don’t have salt in our bags that we will be afraid that rainfall will destroy our salt.

We continue to use words to thank God and you for all that you are doing in our ministries. God bless you. We don’t have anything to give or use to thank you for the good work you are doing for God. We say thank you and God will continue to bless you because if not for you we doubt how this work would have been unfolding. Do your best to share this with others. God alone will reward you.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on July 27, 2014 .