Rejoicing In The Blessings God Has Provided...

Greetings Fellow Servants, 

God continues to give the increase through your dedication, prayers and support. The Good News of the Gospel, is seen in the good news reported by His faithful evangelist’s reports below:

Michael Losotwa Reports: “The Magu church (south of Lake Victoria) was started in March, 2014 by our graduate, Daniel Kazungu. It started with 14 people who obeyed and 17 more people were added to the church through baptism due to the effort that we did on my visit to them in May. Daniel Kazungu  is preaching in this congregation. I left 8 new classes for him to follow up. This week he sent a message that those people, plus 4 more, are ready to obey, but the problem is water, because all dams we used last time to baptize are dried now. So the only alternative we have is to use a portable baptistery. I am planning to borrow the one at Karatu. 

He reminded me of some needs they have. 1. At least 40 Swahili song books (total cost, $40). 2. A bicycle to hasten his movement on going from bible classes and visiting Christians (Provided by our good brothers and sisters at the Lord’s Church in Navasota, TX). 3. A piece of land near the center of that small town to be a meeting place, a cost approximately 1.5M T-Shillings ($900). The church will be ready to build a temporary church building themselves using the local material. 4. Any monthly support, so he can have more time daily to work for the Lord.  

I am planning to visit them at the end of this month, so I can take with me that baptistery, for the baptisms, plus his bicycle, plus some SBU lessons, songs books and anything that they request that you are able to help the. My travel expenses will be; 231,000/= ($144), to make this trip across the country.”

David Bayi Reports: “Two souls were added to the church by our God Thursday night, to Him we praise and give all the glory. This was made possible because our good brothers and sisters from America cared enough to come and work with us at the Ilkirea, a new church plant, and because of the good follow-up efforts by the Lord’s church in Arusha. Please pray for my wife and our family, as we will put to rest her grandfather, who was over one hundred years old at his death.” 

Ayubu Zakayo Report: “We now have 50 bible classes we are following up on. God has added 30 souls to His church at Ilkirea and our attendance has doubled since before the Safari for Souls campaign, from 20 to 40 souls.”

Maurice Gasper Reports: “We established 52 bible classes, 15 souls have obeyed the gospel and we now have 28 souls worshiping our God each Lord’s day in the newly planted Njiro Chini congregation, here in the Arusha Area.”

What more needs be said? The Good News of the Gospel is having its desired affect on the souls of the good people of Tanzania. Thank you for your part in making this a reality. 

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on July 20, 2014 .