Persecution Plagues Students In Togo...

David Potchole used to be in the denomination - International Mission of Christ for Salvation of Souls. David has for months been teaching his congregation about the New Testament Church, even before his baptism. Just after his baptism, the persecution started. He was asked to hand over the keys to the apartment the denomination rented for him including any items in his possession. In spite of all these happenings, David is resolved never to go back to denominationalism. The few converts he has are worshiping with him under palm branches in a village near Kpalime.

David was compelled by his former church to refund CFA 90.00 used to pay his rent. David, in the course of his work, has established five congregations which he was pastoring before enrolling at CBS. Now he is worried about the future of these congregations still under his care. I told him during my discussion with him that, CBS does not have the funds to adopt all these congregations. Brethren, what can we do to encourage him. Should we convert all these congregations to become Churches of Christ or leave them to continue as denominations? David informed me that he has decided to encourage all the preachers working with him to enroll at CBS in September 2015. David is married with three children.

The Tsame congregation needs CFA 15.00 a month or CFA 180.00 a year to rent a piece of land on which the structure stands.

Congregations that Benefited from funds for Sheds
1. Hanyigba
2. Beme
3. Kpadape
4. Atakpame
5. Yorkele

Note: There are still several congregations that lack a place of worship. Some are currently meeting in member’s living rooms, which discourages visitors.

Due to the economy and the exchange rate of the dollar against the CFA, a shed will cost $600.00. You may contact me if you want to build one shed.

Adopted Congregations
1. Hanyigba Church of Christ
2. Zomayi Church of Christ
3. Kpadape Church of Christ

Two families have adopted three congregations in the Kpalime area. The congregations are listed above. Each adopted congregation is supported with a $100.00 each month. You can also join in this effort to assist other young and struggling congregations in the Kpalime area.

Mini Gospel Chariot for Togo
The Gospel Chariot for Togo is almost ready for use. It has both sitting and cargo compartments. All the items needed for effective outreach have been purchased. The Chariot will be outdoors with a three day campaign in Kpalime from the 24th - 26th of July. The program will end with a worship service during which prayers of thanksgiving would be offered and the vehicle dedicated to God. Brethren have been invited from Lome and the Kpalime area to grace the occasion. The churches in Togo are grateful for this great tool for evangelism.

SAD NEWS- Twins discontinue studies at CBS.
Two of our students at CBS, Sampson and Samuel, were advised to discontinue their studies at CBS due to their frequent excuses to absent themselves from classes to meet their former church leaders. Sampson and Samuel (twins) were missionaries in a denomination supported to plant churches in villages. They had apparently signed a contract in which they had made some commitments binding on them. The owners of the church they used to work for are determined to prosecute them should they decide not to come back. They were also to refund all monies spent on them. Since we did not want to be involved in any litigation, we had to let them go. Our decision was informed by our experience with David Wama when CBS had to solicit help from Gabriel Oaks for his release from prison over a similar issue.

Dear Brother Gley,

Believing in your efforts in Ghana and Togo, I/we propose as the Lord enables, to donate generously to support this worthy cause. Enclosed you will find $....................
H. Willie Gley C/O Blanco Church of Christ
P.O. Box 866 Blanco, TX, 78606 Tel: 830-833-4884
Name....................................................... Address.................................................... City/State/Zip............................................... NOTE: Please make checks payable to the Blanco Church of Christ and earmark for Gley/Ghana & Togo Mission.

Report by Willie Gley

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Posted on July 20, 2014 .