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Greetings Fellow Servants,

We hope and we pray you wake with hearts of thanksgiving, to yet another day, a day the Lord has made. We thank each of you for your continued prayers and support of God’s mission work here in Tanzania. The work is growing, the work is moving forward with the end in mind, that being the reward promised to all those who live righteously in Christ. 

We continue with our Safari for Souls summer campaigns. Our good brothers and sisters from Hoover, AL have arrived, prayers answered. The work continues at Njiro Chini as we begin yet another campaign at Elkire. The Lord has added 11 souls to His Church and for this we as Amen! Below is a short report from our brother Charles Heberth that showed the good and impact the Gospel is having in the Arusha area:

Do not listen to them, do not listen to them. They are well organized people, they know what they are doing! They are well organized and they come even to the houses of Muslims who are living in this area. Please be aware with them for they have shaken the faith of some of us! Their efforts are well organized and they do this yearly with a few members following behind every week……….!”

Sometimes it is very easy for us as Christians to start to complain not knowing that we are working for God. It is easy also for us to stop working thinking that God is not in control. The above announcement was made by the Imam at the Mosque near the Kwa Mrombo Church of Christ on Friday May 30th 2014. This shows that though we may not see what we are doing the Lord and other people see and we should not be discouraged with whatever surrounds us but rather we should press on working for the Lord.

We thank God so much for the team that worked with us this past week at Kwa Mrombo. We have been able to teach a total number of 12 different classes with the total number of 33 souls in them. We have been able also to visit 7 different back sliding Christians and they have shown the desire to come back to the Lord. We have also been able to give out 1,500 Bible tracks, 7 Bibles, 15 Bible correspondence courses and 24 Searching for the Truth books.

On Saturday, we were also able to hold a youth seminar. We had an attendance of 76 youth without counting the small kids who came with their brothers and sisters. We taught (Brother Dwight and Charles) three classes followed by a singing session which took place after lunch. It was a wonderful experience to both of us. All this was for God’s glory and His Kingdom.”

This report is but one example of the good being done here in Tanzania. 

Yusuph writes:One soul has obeyed at Kahama (the new church plant new Ushirombo), we continue with classes.”

Fariji writes: “We have been giving out tracts, five hundred so far, as our pre-campaign efforts continue.” (A team from Elk City, OK will be here next week to conduct our next campaign at Usa River). 

Thank you for making this possible. Until all have heard....

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on June 8, 2014 .