Another Successful Campaign In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ

Greetings from Cameroon. We do hope you are doing great in all that you do for family and the church. We are doing better here even though many people are still sick.

As I write this report to you all, our students who were out for campaign and vacation are back on campus to start the third quarter. Wow! Time is flying and and before you know it we shall be graduating our beta batch and matriculate our gamma batch. Keep all this progress in your prayers.

We give thanks to God for brother David Ballard who left Cameroon last week on Wednesday. He is back in the US after spending three weeks teaching in CBIW, visiting congregations and meeting former students who are now evangelist in different congregations. It was great for us to see our graduates serving the Lord in different locations serving the Lord, training leaders, and building the Lord’s church.

Brother Awatt Manfree is one of our graduates who heard about the Mission Printing tracts in Wotutu and came to get some which will help him in his evangelistic efforts in his location. The tracts are creating smiles as the evangelists get them from our warehouse. In a short while we shall be including in our reports the news about the tracts, mostly for those who don’t have access to the internet to relate information about it.

Brother David and I visited last Sunday with the Ediki congregation and worshipped with them. This congregation was dead for many years before it came to our notice that there was a congregation in that village many years ago. Because we think souls and go for souls we mapped out time to go and revive this congregation. God restored joy again in them as they serve God. We keep sending our students weekly to make sure all things are in order.

Brother Pascal and his entire family obeyed the gospel and renounced Islamic religion. He was born and raised as a Muslim. We preached the gospel to him in another town. He obeyed and later on he invited us to come to his house and share the gospel to his entire family. It was great to see somebody accepting Christ with joy after one of our students gave him some French tracts from Mission Printing, JC Choate and a reply to a Muslim. Keep this family in your prayers.

Her first daughter is very intelligent, fluent in reading the French language in the Bible for their first time. She obeyed the good news and today was their first day to worship as Christians. She will be entering the university next academic year.

Brother Mbappe continues to be busy after his one week campaign in Bekora village. He was the one who translated the Bible study in brother Pascal’s house that led to the mass conversion of the entire family. Our students are back and God blessed them with great interaction with many. As they shared the gospel and tracts from Mission Printing, the Lord added 16 souls and 33 unfaithful Christians came back in those 27 locations that they were serving the Lord for one week. Keep these souls in your prayers as we continue to do follow up for them to grow and be mature. They also came back with many requests for us to come over and help revive congregations dying and some that are already dead. We are ready to go and rob from the strong man’s house.

Brother Mbappe exhorted and prepared them for their confession before their baptism. After their baptism, they made great comments like “God is sweet like sugar, and they feel lighter after baptism, that it seems some heavy load has been taken off from them.” This family will continue to worship with a newly established congregation of Down Beach. This will help them grow faster. We shall get them French Bibles. We shall need more French Bibles as many French speaking people keep obeying the gospel.

We have 4 locations that are calling us to establish new congregations. Keep this plan in your prayers as we make plans to make sure we fulfill this work

God bless you. We keep thanking God daily for you. Thank you for standing by us to accomplish what we can accomplish for His glory. God alone will reward you for your sincerity. Do your best to share this with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace, director CBIW

Posted on June 29, 2014 .