Visiting Teachers Help KSOP Near Graduation...

Dear brethren,

Its amazing to know how times flies very quickly. Just few months ago Kenya requested for a preaching school and now graduation is two months away.

We had a great 7th quarter with Elias teaching the Minor Prophets while I taught Greek III and Denominational Doctrines. The 13 students are on three weeks break now and we look forward to great reports from them when they come back.

We were blessed to have Ralph Williams and Wayne Burger, both from USA, come and teach. Ralph taught 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. Wayne amazingly taught Revelation and Scheme of Redemption, a total of 60 hours in ten days. Both showed great strength and we at KSOP look forward to having them again.

Worth noting on Wayne is that he defied the US travel advices against flying to Kenya during the month of May and June due to terrorism. He came and did the Lord's work, even traveling to preach in one of remote parts of the country. We also thank the Conifer Church and Wayne for the Truth for Today commentaries they bought and he brought for the school! We are slowly and surely building the library.

During the quarter, 6 students traveled to different country side congregations leading bible classes and worship services. As a result 10 souls obeyed the gospel. Knowledge is only useful if and when it's put into practice. 

So far we are having great response for the second class intake. Of the many applications I have received, and waiting to receive, 22 are very potential students, but we will select the qualified 20. 

We look forward to a great final quarter and graduation ceremony on August 23.

Words may not express enough the joy, excitement and thanks we have for your prayers and support, God bless you.

Charles Ogutu

Posted on June 15, 2014 .