Counting Down To Graduation...

Students in Denver are counting down the last 10 days of class until they graduate from the Bear Valley Bible Institute. We always tell incoming students that the two years they are in the program will go by faster than they can imagine, and it is not until they reach this point they begin to understand what we meant. They all express the same sentiment in wondering where the time went and how they cannot believe this day has arrived so quickly.

One of the great pleasures of working at BVBID is getting to know these men and their families over the time they are in school. The staff in Denver all feel the same as we hate to see these men leave, but leave they must to fulfill the purpose for which God has brought them to Denver and the training they have received. We ask you to pray for these men and their families as they graduate and enter the work. 

Reports from the various extensions are also exciting as several locations prepare for their graduation ceremonies. We look forward to sharing reports about the students who have completed the program in each school. Lord willing, we will have pictures to share from the graduation in Denver and the extension schools in the weeks ahead.

Last week, we mentioned the need to be praying about the situation in Ukraine. We are aware that each of you are praying and we plead with you to continue your prayers on behalf of the church and situation in Ukraine. We received news this week how the situation is escalating and causing numerous concerns for the church and the school. The BVBIU in Gorlovka is also preparing for their graduation at the end of the month, so please pray for these brethren and the challenges they face in a very unstable climate.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Steven Ashcraft about the work in West Africa can be read here.

Extension Reports 

God Continues To Bless The Work In Cameroon: The growth of God’s kingdom in Cameroon is exciting as 8 souls obeyed the gospel. 

Energy And Determination: Recent events in Tamale, Ghana delivered a level of energy and determination on the part of students at the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies.

Students Prepare For Their Final Quarter In Nigeria: With one quarter to finish, students will begin in two weeks to wrap up their two years of study.

Baptisms, Church Camp, And Furlough Time: News from Paraguay, South America is powerful as 4 souls obeyed the gospel in Asunción.

Why Didn’t I Start When I Was Younger: The hunger to learn the word of God and the willingness to study, even later in life, shows the heart of one man in the Hochdorf’s report.

Angels Among Us: Overcoming the fear of water to obey the gospel can bring interesting challenges as the report from Daniel Gaines indicates.

Final Thoughts
Our God has blessed us with so many wonderful opportunities, one of which is working with the greatest people on earth. The beauty is not found in our perfection because none of us are, but we are united by the blood of Jesus. This common bond brings us together to work as fellow-laborers in the Lord’s Kingdom. Thank you for helping us realize the vision of many before us and the will of God in saving the lost.

God bless

Posted on May 4, 2014 .