Saying Good-bye After 10 Years In Tanzania...

Dear Long-Time Supporters, Family and Friends,

We Hope you all are doing well and serving God wherever you are. We have been very busy trying to get everything in order so we may leave. Please accept our apologies for the delay in getting a report to you. 

IMPORTANT - Previously, we hoped to secure a job that would begin August 1 and, consequently, had asked our supporters to continue with us until August 31. Unfortunately, that particular job opening may not be available until January. We are hoping to hear positive things about this opportunity in mid-September.

Because of these developments, we are committing to a state-side mission work in Chatom, AL (affiliated with the Sixth Avenue congregation in Jasper, AL). This commitment is for six months. Chatom is located about 3 hours SW of Montgomery, near the Mississippi line.The congregation consists of 10 souls. Our efforts will be focused on strengthening the congregation in spirit and in number. Jimmy will be teaching, preaching, and doing evangelism. Our prayer is to be in Chatom on May 15 and officially begin work there June 1, 2014. Please pray that our efforts will help the church grow in that area.

Therefore, we humbly request that you continue your present support until December 31, 2014. It is imperative that you let us know as soon as possible if you (as an individual or congregation) can grant this request (some have cancelled their support and we understand if you cannot reverse that decision due to other commitments). If you have any questions, please feel free to write.

In other news, our two home computers have crashed, which is part of the reason why we have not been doing reports. We have also made a trip to Dar Es Salaam (for US Immigration visas) as well as Nairobi, Kenya (for British visas) and enjoyed the celebration of the marriage of our daughter Abigail to Adam Rymon on April 25th, here in the beautiful country of Tanzania.

Adam and Abigail have been working in the area of the new church plant, Njiro Chini, where they conducted 24 Bible studies. As many know, Adam and Abigail will be establishing a library/

educational center in Kisongo in the near future. Adam also hopes to establish a gospel radio station in Arusha one day. He recently had a meeting with two Christians involved in radio in Dar Es Salaam in order to understand what would be required .

The Kisongo church of Christ is hosting the East African Gospel Meeting this year and are steadily working toward the preparations for a much anticipated yearly event. The Kisongo Bible School has begun a new quarter.

You may remember the Pippi House director who wanted English reading material. After he received the English books (including Bible books and materials), we received this request from him, "Hi, we will be happy one weekend if you will come to teach Girls at pippi...we need your teachings...You can teach anything that will help girls to grow thinking how to serve the lord Jesus,and to live holly life." Since we are leaving this Sunday, we are asking an evangelist in their area to follow-up.

The best way for us to update you a little on the work for the last couple of months is to refer you to this blog ( ) of one of our fellow missionary families, Daniel and Tiffany Gaines. They are doing a good work here.

We are very appreciative to all who have sent travel funds. We are indebted to you. Our airline tickets have been paid for and, Lord willing, we will board the plane late Sunday night. Thank you for your prayers for our safe travel.

In the true fashion of Tanzania, the church members and ACSOP staff have shown us true kindness and gratitude by hosting two farewell parties for us.  Their generosity and kind words have overwhelmed us.  Some Masai members showed Jimmy great respect when they honored him by wrapping their traditional robes around him and giving him the symbols of a Masai tribal elder  It was a very touching moment. The church also gave us a beautiful cuckoo clock. The preaching school showed their appreciation for our decade of service with a very nice wooden plaque made by no other than our long-time friend and co-worker, Elly Martin, as well as a framed picture of our family with the school staff and workers.  Elly and his wife, Neema, asked to accompany us on the five-hour trip to the Nairobi airport. Finally, we are about to go to our third farewell party hosted by our fellow missionaries.

We thank you for the privilege of living and working in Tanzania, East Africa these past ten years.  Nothing could have been accomplished without your help... your interest, encouragement, prayers and financial support have been the backbone of our part in the work of the TZ 2000 Mission work. 

We hope the Lord will bless you as much as you have blessed us.  We've had the experience of a lifetime and are thankful for all the friends and memories we've made.  However, we are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives and all the possibilities that may come with it. Again, THANK YOU!

With Love from Africa,
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on May 11, 2014 .