An Incredible And Fruitful Journey In Nepal...

Greeting to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace and love of God always be with you. It is my privilege to write some encouraging words from our school at Kathmandu, Nepal.

We were encouraged and benefited spiritually from our brother in Christ, Rusty Dawson from Little, Oklahoma. He spent time at Nepal from March 7th -24th of 2014. We all enjoyed his lessons from the books of Joshua and James. We also visited two congregations out of Kathmandu valley and six congregations inside the valley during his time in Nepal. All believers were spiritually encouraged by his lessons and visit. We would like to express our thanks to this brother and his local congregation.

Nepal New Year [2071] happened recently. The public school year ends and there is a national holiday. Nepal Center For Biblical Study also closed on March 27 and we opened on April 21. Gajendra [Director at NCBS], five students, and sisters Sunita Rana and Durga Rijal got on a bus about 4:30 PM on March 27 to go to West Bengal, India and east Nepal. Durga, Sunita, and Gajendra returned 15 days later on April 11. We spent almost 60 hours on buses and other forms of public transportation, 15-20 hours walking on hot dusty paths in high hills and crossing rivers, slept in various situations, and taught classes and fellowshipped in many villages that were blessed with our ministry and hunger for our return. Our eight students also returned to their homes to visit their families and work with their congregations.

Almost 24 hours after leaving Kathmandu on the night bus, we eight travelers arrived in Nagarkata, India. Four of the students live in this area. We spent three days working in this area, and another three days in Mirik, which is a tea plantation near Darjeeling. Everywhere we went we had classes for men and women together, and also classes only for men while Sunita and Durga taught only the ladies. This combination was enthusiastically accepted, met the needs and wishes of our sisters and brothers, and was also requested for future visits. 

The students were active in presenting some lesson in the classes. We were excited to see how their friends and families would view their progress after only five months at the Bible Center. The members were so surprised at the increase in Bible knowledge that they were almost speechless. These young men had never taught adult classes and now they were giving some of the best lessons the members had ever heard. Their progress in scriptural knowledge and understanding, their ability to prepare and deliver sound and clear lessons, and the attitude of commitment and service of the students is the most satisfying gift we can bring back to their local congregations. Their words of truth, combined with their servant behavior, have more power for growing the church in their community than the voice of a stranger. We were encouraged and overjoyed to witness the homecoming of praise that our students received after their five months of diligent work.

In east Nepal we also traveled to many congregations. One village required a three-hour hike up and down some rocky trails before we crossed a beautiful river to find a much-appreciated lunch waiting for us. This was also the home of the fifth student. The warm welcome and friendship we received in every community was their loving gift to us. Everywhere we went the people wanted us to stay longer. Every farewell was accompanied by a sincere invitation to come back soon as well as some tears ……. men and women.

We continued our pattern of combined classes taught by preachers and students, men’s classes, and women teaching women. Sunita was the primary women’s teacher. Sister Durga’s son, Arun, graduated from NCBS last September. Today he is in Chennai, India studying for a Master’s degree in Bible. She was so happy with the progress she saw in her son that it motivated her to do things that she never thought she could do. Her sacrifice and commitment are a living example that we can all do more for the Lord. You always knew that every ladies class was a huge success when you saw the smiles on their faces, heard their joyous laughter, and you could feel their happiness in being with one another.

Four years ago, and even two years ago, the congregations in east Nepal and India did not have much interest in working or fellowshipping closely with anyone outside their area. There was an attitude of “You do your work where you are and we will do our work here.” Recently some of their preachers have come to special meetings at NCBS.  We have five students from their area and the promise of more for the class that begins in November 2015. During these two weeks we found so much joy and love from the brothers and sisters in every place we visited. All of us are experiencing the strength of fellowship based upon unity and cooperation among all God’s children. 

A special thanks to Shanti, Kaziman, and Bharat who worked with the local preachers and did such a wonderful job of organizing a fruitful two weeks of evangelism outreach to the lost and also a rewarding ministry of growth and maturing for the saints.

Fruits of these meetings:

·Many congregations were encouraged.

·We are all motivated and encouraged to do more. 

·Fellowship and love extended beyond our imagination.

·We see the tremendous need, great desire, and urgent requests for more study and teaching in many places in Nepal.

·Christian people are identifying NCBS and our good work.

·We will get some more good and dedicated new students for the fourth batch of our class [Nov 2015-Sept 2017]

·Identify needs of Church building construction in growing areas. This creates a need for more building funds.

·When disciples grow in Bible knowledge and Christian character, the congregations will grow in numbers.

I want to deeply thank from my heart, all the brothers and sister in Christ who made this journey possible. I wish to have these kinds of journeys again and again if God wills it. Thank you all for your sharing and caring hearts for your family in the Lord around the world. May God bless you.

Servant of Christ,

Gajendra Deshar
Director of NCBS, Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted on April 27, 2014 .