Growth In The Church, New Student Prospects...

Dearest in Christ

Greetings from Cameroon. God gave us a beautiful day after a heavy down pour of rain the whole night. We are doing great and God continues to watch us and help us go through what must go through. We do hope this report finds you doing great.

Last week at CBIW went on well. God continues to help the students grow as they study and prepare themselves for full time ministry after their graduation in December. We are thankful that God saw us as a vessel He can use to prepare men to preach the gospel to the lost.

Whenever we move towards Friday it is a moment of joy for both us and the students as they think souls. They know another opportunity has come to go out robbing from the strong man’s house. Our normal locations continue to appreciate the presence of our students as they continue to provoke numerical and spiritual growth.

Brother Chu Elvis is one of the leaders in the congregation at Mbanga. As we continue to reach out to many congregations in different locations each week, we expose what the Lord is doing through us and many take interest to come and study. Brother Elvis promised to come to Wotutu and take the entrance exams into CBIW next batch. He said he prayed that God would help him succeed so that he will take the spirit of evangelism which is found in all those in the CBIW family. Keep him in your prayers.

I taught this morning. I have been out of the Wotutu congregation for some weeks because of traveling out to different locations to reach out and help many struggling congregations in Cameroon. It was good for me to be with my brothers and sisters in the Wotutu congregation teaching on the topic, “The Meaning of the Widow’s Mite.” It was good for many to learn how to give their all to the Lord.

Sister Kemeni is French speaking and staying in Wotutu with her family. Her husband is a military person and both of them listen to our early morning “Back to the Bible” program every morning at 5am. They are following from their home and they can understand because the morning preaching is translated into French, so she said she was touched by the messages that they are hearing. She has been coming and worshiping since December last year, but refused to be baptized. But yesterday she came to my house and said, “I am ready to become a child of God during the afternoon.” So I shared and saw her conviction and she was baptized by me. Keep her in your prayers so that her whole family will obey the truth soon.

She is so happy to do what she did yesterday. She is happy and prays for her husband to obey the gospel. She is kind and will attract many to see the light of God.

The Muea congregation witnessed growth today as brother Livinus accepted the gospel there. Koba, Dikome and others of our mission field keep praising God for the growth they are witnessing.

1) We have planned for a mass campaign to two different locations by the end of this month. Ediki and Bolifamba villages are inviting the entire school to come and evangelize house to house. We may split the group into two to fulfill all the demands, but it will depend on our means of transporting ourselves.

2) Our entrance exams will come up on the 26th of April. Then we shall start selecting prospective students for the GAMMA batch. Keep this in your prayers.

God bless you and reward you and your family for the sacrifice and privilege you accepted to work for the Lord and being part of our work here in Cameroon. We thank God for you and we keep you in our prayers. We know God will keep you standing with us as we achieve many more for His glory. Do your best to share this report with others. God bless you and watch over you all over where you are.

Elangwe and family

Posted on April 13, 2014 .