God Has Been Good In Uganda...

Dear brethren,

The Uganda School of Evangelism is doing fine here in the Lord. We are very busy with our last quarter. The long course will end on April 25th and we expect to start our short courses on April 28th, 2014. The Lord is very good to us. My vehicle  was involved in an accident, but through God’s grace and mercy no one was hurt, although it turned upside down. It happened about one kilometer from the school. We managed to pull it up to the school.

We are busy preparing the way for the water to come into the fish ponds. We have fish ponds ready to stock 800 catfish and 1,600 tilapia, a total of 2,400 fish. In the month of April, when the long rain begins, we will need 1,600 tilapia at the cost of 300 shillings per juvenile, that is 480,000/= or $200 dollars. The cat fish will cost 500/= each which will total to 400,000/= or $165 dollars. We lost the other stock we had put in due to the draught. The reserve pond is being deepened from one meter to two meter, and if possible next year we will deepen it more. We are also repairing an old pond which was used by the village people a long time ago. It is also going to supply this pond and this will supply the ones where we will put fish.

I have harvested my Busia town fish ponds and I sold some to Margaret for her use at the school. She prepared them for parking and put into the deep freezer. We thank the Lake Jackson brethren for this help.

We need more room for the piglets which will soon be weening. We have employed some one to work the building. He started the foundation and within two weeks the walls will be completed.

The total cost for the pig house will cost 2,798,600/= which is about $1,143 dollars. Next to it we need a poultry house which will cost  4,836,900/= which is $1,950 dollars, which will be built next.

The first big pond is ready for stocking 600 catfish and 1,000 tilapia. The small ponds each are 20m x10m and will hold 400 fish: 100 catfish in each and 300 tilapia.

The rains will come soon and these will be full so we need to stock immediately.

Report from Congo Churches
FIZI CHURCH OF CHRIST - The church has now eighteen members: 8 males, 10 females and 8 children. Those who have falled away are eight. The reason that contributed to their leaving the church is because they have no proper place of worship. The church has no development. All these are contributed to lack of proper teaching of the Lord’s word.

Challenges facing the church: (a) not having a place of worship, (b) the church desires to have visitors from other countries visiting them, (c) the congregation is too young to take care of their preacher, and (d) members do not have Bibles and song books.

Future Plans: (a) visiting the backsliders, (b) evangelizing areas surrounding, and (c) starting ladies and youth classes.

As reported By

Imata Mkoko
Bichingini Ponga, on Behalf of the Fizi  church of Christ

LWEBA CHURCH OF CHRIST - DRC. The church has total of nineteen members: 11 Christians, 5 male and 6 female. There are 8 children: 3 boys and 5 girls. There are 5 who have fallen away: 3 males and 2 females. There has been 1 male and 1 female restored. The weekly contributions are 1,000 - 2,000 F.C. which mean about 4,000 - 8,000 F.C. monthly.

The problems facing the church: (a) lack of a meeting place, (b) need for visiting preachers from other countries, (c) need for song books and Kiswahili and French Bibles, (d) the church is unable to support the preachers, and (e) the church is surrounded by denominations.

Future plans for the church include: (a) Spiritual - evangelism and making classes for teaching the word of God and a ladies’ Bible class, (b) Material - helping the needy in the church and helping the sick, and (c) Projects - rearing chicken and hot culture.

Sent By:

Mtumbe  Abwe Safania
Ferdinard  Asukulu

KIKWENA CHURCH OF CHRIST —DRC: The church has 15 members: 9 males, 6 females and 7 children. There were three baptized recently: 2 male and 1 female. There have been 6 who have fallen away: 4 male and 2 female. The reason for their backsliding is the desire of denominational ways and the lack of a place for worship.

Some of the problems facing the church: (a) lack of a place for worship, (b) the government taking the plat they had given to the church, due to a lack of funds to pay, (c) lack of song books and Bibles, and (d) the church not having an ability to stand for their preacher.

The future plans include: (a) visiting those who have fallen away, and (b) start a Bible class every Sunday.

Sent By:  Esube Mlondani
Mtumbe Miambo

CHURCH OF CHRIST  BARAKA - DRC: The church has 34 members: 16 males, 18 females and 16 children. There are 12 who have fallen away. The reason for their backsliding: denominationalism, immaturity, lack of strong Bible classes, and a lack of visitation. There have been 5 recent baptisms.

Problems facing the church include: (a) lack of a place to worship, (b) majority of young Christians, and (c) the church cannot take care of their preacher.

Plans for the church include: (a) if God can bless us to get a place to worship, (b) start middle of the week lessons, (c) visit those who have fallen away, and (d) send Christians to Bible schools.

Sent By:
Mmbehumo Embamba
Mtendjwa Kipimo, who is planning to come to school this year.

Report provided by Francis Wechesa

Posted on March 30, 2014 .