Campaigns See 31 Obey The Gospel In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Wotutu. We do hope you are doing great as you read the report coming from us. God is faithful and He helped us in all our travels for campaign in different locations.

Thank you for your prayers to God on our behalf for traveling mercies to 26 locations for mission work, house to house evangelism, and nurturing congregations. The church of Christ in Osing had problems that caused division. One of our students, Ebang Micheal, went there and brought the divided congregation back on track. We praise God for His love towards His people.

As I write this mail, our students are back on campus for the second quarter of their studies for the second year. How time flies. One of our students who was on discipline during the first batch repented from his ugly ways and his congregation recommended him to come back and continue his studies. Keep brother Muofo Bernard in your prayers and his family for God’s guidance. Classes commence tomorrow with long courses: Major Prophets, Homiletics-Public Speaking, The Gospel of John, The book of James, English language, French, and Church Music.

Keep us in your prayers.

My village congregation is in total transformation. The brethren are in the new building, still under construction, but it is better than the one I shared with you some months ago. Thanks very much for your help.

The Christians in Koba carried planks that will be used for the walls of the building. They do this with all amounts of happiness. From the forest, both men and women did the work to wipe out shame that the villagers who were laughing and mocking at the church of Christ, because of their exceeding poverty. God is good.

They are now secure from rain, but more needs to be done to get the walls set up and concrete on the floor and the doors and windows set up to fully secure the building.

One of our students, Julius Wamo, was there to reach out to the community with the truth. God blessed his effort with a soul, brother Zamor obeyed the gospel in Koba. The congregation will witness more growth as we continue to send our students there every weekend. Keep praying for the work.

Brother Mokwe baptized brother Zachy in Muyuka congregation. The Lord added, but we cannot share all the pictures from all the students. A total of 31 souls were baptized in those locations and 19 who had fallen away came back to the Lord. We praise God for using these men to reach out and help His church growing. Keep praying for these souls as we continue to do severe follow up on a weekly basis to help them grow and be mature.

Sowing seeds in new locations to plant a new congregation in Isokolo village went on well, but no souls obeyed the gospel. We shall continue to sow more of the seed and water the ones we have already sowed so that God will give the increase in due season. Keep this work in your prayers.

1) More invitations continue to come for outreach to many communities.

2) We shall go to the village where our student was beaten to organize house to house evangelism and open air preaching for four days within this month. We do hope this will help many know the truth and come closer to Christ and His church. Please keep this in your prayers. The gospel is for all and that exercise will help do more in the hearts of many in that community.

Prayer Request
One of our students who was arrested is still in prison custody. We suffer for the gospel. He is doing his best in prison preaching to some inmates. Today he called me to come and give him some tracts so that he can give it to many to study. What great faith and courage I see in my life. Keep brother Vincent in your prayers. Last Friday, March 28 2014, the court granted a conditional bail to them that they should make a deposit of 250.000 frs in the court treasury for him to be release on bail. Please, please pray for our brother so that he will be out very soon to continue His studies in CBIW.

Our hearts are full with joy as we convey our sincere appreciation for your deep love towards us and the work here. Many congregations who welcome and work with our students will always thank God for you because of the great revival and transformation that is happening in their lives because of you and your efforts towards CBIW. CBIW is a tool of blessing in Cameroon. We thank you for standing with us. God bless you and keep you all in good health. You are in our daily prayers. Keep standing so that more will be done for the glory of our God. He deserves our praises all the time. Do your best to share with others this report.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on March 30, 2014 .